Men and Drinking: The Causes Behind Alcohol Abuse

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When it comes to alcohol consumption, men and women tend to consume at the same rate. However, it’s essential to realize that men and drinking relate differently than women and drinking. While some might reach for a beer to relax, it’s essential to recognize that consistent drinking can be harmful. A beer or two to

Women and Trauma

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According to the American Psychological Association, more than 50% of all individuals will experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Of these, close to 10% will be permanently scarred by it and will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These numbers may seem insignificant at first. But considering the proven connections between trauma

What it Means to be a Mom with Addiction

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Addiction is a disease that has reached epidemic proportions. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), almost one million Americans used heroin in 2016 alone; and heroin is nowhere near as apparent as the current opioid epidemic. It is one thing to struggle with addiction issues when you are on your own. But

Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder The non-profit organization Mental Health America estimates that 15 million American adults suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. Those who do often feel isolated and turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. For these individuals, overcoming social anxiety disorder is often the first step in recovery. Learn more about this condition and what

Why Women Need to Work on Relationships in Addiction Treatment

After completing treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD), female patients frequently go back to their lives with a hopeful attitude and the expectation that previous relationships can be resumed without too much of a change. However, if problematic intimate relationships, sexuality, and family conflicts are not dealt with effectively or not addressed at all,

Gender-Responsive Treatment Big Success at Lakeview Health

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The Rose of Lakeview, the women’s addiction treatment center at Lakeview Health, opened its doors for new patients in June 2016. Built on four acres of newly acquired land adjacent to Lakeview’s existing Jacksonville, FL campus, the 54-bed facility provides housing for women in treatment and serves as the location for their detox, medical care, and

A Doctor’s Opinion: Why Gender Matters When Overcoming Addiction

gender specific treatment programs at lakeview health center

Addiction. Unless you are living it, the word is easy to gloss over. With daily headlines about the opioid epidemic and popular shows taking on alcoholism and drug dependence themes—like Mom on CBS, and the recently Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary Heroin(e) —addiction is now mainstream.   But the issues are not as straight-forward as they once

The Data Reveals the Truth on Outcomes in Gender-Specific Treatment

The Data Reveals the Truth: Women Experience Better Outcomes in Gender-Specific Treatment   The vision, intuition, and data gathered by Lakeview Health leaders and staff that lead to the completion of our gender-specific state-of-the-art facility, program, and dedicated staff has served hundreds of women in need of Substance Use Treatment during the past year. Today,

White Paper Underlines Gender-Specific Challenges for Women in Overcoming Opioid Addiction

A recent white paper from the Office on Women’s Health concluded that the prevalence of prescription opioid and heroin use among women is substantial. It provided dramatic statistical data on what kind of impact the opioid addiction epidemic is having on women. “Between 1999 and 2010, overdose deaths from prescription painkillers increased more than 400

Addiction Treatment With Women In Mind

By Ami Brantley, Alumni Coordinator and Recovery Coach at the Rose of Lakeview As many of you know, this summer Lakeview opened a gender responsive program for women, The Rose. The environment was specifically designed with women’s recovery in mind.  Everything from the aesthetics – the colors, the artwork, the bedrooms, the common spaces, to