Men and Drinking: The Causes Behind Alcohol Abuse
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: June 23, 2020

When it comes to alcohol consumption, men and women tend to consume at the same rate. However, it’s essential to realize that men and drinking relate differently than women and drinking. While some might reach for a beer to relax, it’s essential to recognize that consistent drinking can be harmful. A beer or two to unwind after a long day, or turning to liquor when you “need something stronger” can lead to alcohol dependence and addiction. When addiction takes place, you need the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center to recover.

Reasons Behind Men and Drinking

Men and drinking correlate for several reasons. Often, men consume alcohol while out at social events. Spending time with friends at a house, going out on a boat, or heading to a bar, alcohol seems to always be present. Sporting events and concerts are also areas where men are expected to drink a few beers or have a shot of liquor. These social expectations make it hard for men to turn down a drink.

However, there are other reasons for men and drinking so frequently. Men tend to feel the pressure of being the providers of their family, which can lead to a fair amount of stress. Most men with spouses and children feel as though the main burden of providing for the family rests on their shoulders. In today’s pandemic, they also feel the strain of working essential jobs and placing themselves in harm’s way. While they may do what they can to stay safe on the job, there’s always the fear of placing their family in danger. The pressure of caring for their families can lead to men reaching for an alcoholic beverage at the end of each day.

The other issue behind the drinking is the fact that men tend to feel as though they can’t discuss their emotions or the stress they’re under. Instead of participating in healthier stress management practices, they reach for alcohol as a means to relax. However, this practice can quickly turn into a routine and lead to alcohol dependence and addiction.

Gender-Specific Treatment

While both men and women struggle with alcohol addiction, gender-specific treatment can be beneficial in order to focus on the specific issues each faces. A male-only rehab also helps to create a welcoming and safe environment for individuals to discuss their addictions and the reasons behind them.

Men are more likely to speak freely when they’re not under pressure to behave to society’s standards. Once they realize others share their fears, goals, and experiences, they are more likely to continue opening up. This type of comradery can also help create strong bonds and a support system.

Gender-specific treatment will also focus on how men can work healthier stress management techniques and coping skills in their daily lives. This type of guidance in a comfortable space can make a significant difference in their addiction treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Through Lakeview Health

At Lakeview Health, we understand the stress and strain men experience in their daily lives. Our men’s facility provides the ideal space for men to discuss their alcohol dependence and work towards their recovery goals. We offer a range of addiction treatment programs to help our clients recover and heal from alcoholism and other substance abuse issues.

Our programs include the following:

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