Lakeview Health coronavirus updates

Lakeview Health’s Covid-19 policy
Policy as of May 2022, policies and procedures are subject to change based on the evolving nature of the situation.

The Lakeview Health team continues to monitor the current state of Covid-19 to ensure that our patients receive safe and effective care. Throughout the pandemic, we have implemented stringent policies to protect our patients and staff. These policies have allowed us to remain open to serve our patients since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

Based on low case numbers and vaccination rates, we have introduced updated Covid protocols which will allow patients to remain in quarantine at Lakeview Health in the event they test positive while in treatment. During quarantine, patients will continue to receive 24/7 medical care from Lakeview staff. Additionally, we offer optional on-site Covid vaccines and boosters to patients and staff to protect our high-risk population.

The Lakeview team is grateful for the ability to continue treating our patients throughout the pandemic. Statistics from the CDC indicate the detrimental effects that this pandemic is having on mental health, and our team remains heartened by the positive impact that we have been able to have in our community.

We encourage anyone considering treatment not to let the pandemic stop them from seeking help. As our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lantie Jorandby points out in her Florida Times-Union piece, reputable treatment centers remain a safe place to be thanks to rigorous Covid protocols.

If you or someone you know needs treatment, please contact us at: 866 704 7692.

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