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Nationally Accredited Addiction Treatment

Founded in 2001, Lakeview Health is a licensed and Joint Commission accredited addiction treatment and recovery center with locations in Florida and Texas. We are passionate about helping adult men and women who struggle with alcohol and substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses find hope and healing. Our dual-diagnosis care addresses alcohol or drug use as well as trauma, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and more. Expert care is administered by board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, licensed therapists, certified personal trainers, certified recovery coaches, and other ancillary staff. Using evidence-based therapies, we provide individuals with skills and healthy coping strategies to transition from a life in active addiction to a healthy, vibrant life in recovery.

Licensed by:
State of Florida Department of Children and Families, Texas Department of State Health Services Regulatory Licensing Unit

Treatment Centers

Lakeview Health Rehab for Men - The Star

Jacksonville, FL

At our men-only facility staff help men better understand why they turn to drugs and alcohol and guide them in developing productive, alternate coping mechanisms. The look and feel of our addiction treatment facility sets the tone for your stay. Our medical facilities and exam rooms are state-of-the-art, to ensure safe and comfortable treatment options.

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Lakeview Health Rehab for Women - The Rose

Jacksonville, FL

Our women-only facility offers a safe, comfortable environment to address trauma and other underlying issues while discovering how to move forward in a healthy, sober life. The look and feel of our addiction treatment facility sets the tone for your stay. Our medical facilities and exam rooms are state-of-the-art, to ensure safe and comfortable treatment options.

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Lakeview Health - The Woodlands

Woodlands, TX

Modeled after our flagship location, Lakeview Health at The Woodlands is committed to providing evidence-based, data-informed care to women and men, ages 18 and older, who are grappling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. We provide top quality outpatient care that is close to home. Our staff design individualized treatment plans that offer flexibility to incorporate work or school.

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Specialty Treatment Programs

Gender Responsive Treatment

Men and women develop substance use disorders for different reasons. Men and women also enter treatment for different reasons. Each gender has unique needs, which is why gender responsive treatment provides tailored environments, programming, and curriculum. The Rose and The Star facilities in Jacksonville, FL are among a small number of treatment facilities in the U.S. to address alcohol and substance use disorders based on gender needs.

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Medical and Psychiatric Care

Long-term exposure to alcohol and drugs of abuse has serious consequences for your body, brain, and emotional health. Our medical team is an integral part of our on-site staff, which means they’re a consistent part of your recovery journey. They’re experienced, they have all the relevant medical records and documentation in your file, and they know exactly where you are in the treatment process. They’re experts in addiction and recovery, trained in the latest therapeutic techniques and methods. Our team is your team, ready when you need them.

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Pain Recovery

Chronic pain and the medication most often prescribed to address it, adds an extra layer to an already complex set of challenges for both the physicians treating addiction and the patients in recovery. We’ve developed an integrative, multi-modal program designed specifically for patients in recovery from alcohol, opioid, and substance use disorders who are also managing a chronic pain condition.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is an FDA approved, noninvasive procedure that utilizes a state of the art Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device which applies highly focused magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that may be underactive in patients with depression. TMS therapy is typically used when traditional depression treatment methods haven’t been effective.

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The Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals Program at Lakeview Health is an addiction recovery program designed specifically for professionals, such as doctors, commercial airline pilots, lawyers, and executives of all industries who happen to be seeking treatment for addiction. Like our Inpatient Rehab Program, the Professional Program occupies the level of care between our Detox and Residential Treatment programs and serves patients with alcohol and substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health disorders, and a history of trauma or post-traumatic stress.

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We recognize the fact that recovery continues long after your stay at Lakeview Health. The last day at treatment is the first day of your new life. We teach you the skills required for a successful launch. After that, the responsibility shifts to you, but we neither expect nor want you to do it alone. In the grand scheme of things, your time in rehab is short in comparison to the full arc of your recovery. Our Alumni Program offers on-going support, meet-up, and Recovery Coaching to help you stick with your path of recovery.

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Treatment Services


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When I came to Lakeview, I felt low, depressed, low self-worth and broken. I did not know what to expect the only thing I did know was that I needed help and I needed it quickly. Once I was here I started joining classes, group therapy and meetings regularly. At the beginning, I badly wanted to leave a number of times, but now that I have completed the program, I could not have been more thankful to the program as I am now. Although it may not have been the easiest thing for me, it was definitely the smartest and best decision.


I would recommend Lakeview to anyone willing to get clean and or sober. Staff is very kind and willing to help at all cost. This was very important to me.

Kevin M.

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