Drug rehab financing
For many patients, the cost of rehab can be scary
It doesn't have to be

Many of those who would benefit from addiction treatment put off or avoid reaching out for help due to fears about the cost of rehab. However, drug rehab financing doesn’t have to be complicated. At Lakeview Health, we work with each of our patients to ensure that worries about the cost of treatment don’t keep them from focusing on their recovery. On our frequently asked questions page, you can learn more about program specifics as well as insurance coverage

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Paying for rehab

It’s common for patients and their families to have questions about the cost of rehab. The idea of taking time away from work or other responsibilities to attend a treatment program can also raise concerns.

One way to think about addiction treatment is as an investment into your future. Addiction can be costly. However, in recovery, you’ll have the opportunity to rebuild your life. You can advance in your career, focus on doing the things you love, and strengthen relationships with loved ones. Our treatment programs can help you get to where you want to be.

Some of your options for paying for rehab include:
Health insurance
Financing plans
State & local government programs

We’ve worked hard to keep treatment affordable while still providing high-quality care. We work with each patient to understand their unique financial situation and offer solutions.

Does insurance cover addiction treatment?

Yes, the majority of private health plans cover at least a portion of addiction treatment programs. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to offer coverage for behavioral health, which includes mental health and addiction treatment. Addiction is considered to be a disease, one that requires treatment just like other physical health issues.

The coverage you receive for treatment might vary depending on your specific plan. Other factors that might impact your coverage include:

Insurance providers that are in-network with Lakeview Health include:

Self-pay options for rehab

It’s also possible to pay for addiction treatment out of pocket. You may decide that paying privately is a better option, or there might be a portion of treatment that is not covered by insurance. Lakeview accepts all major credit cards in the event that you choose a self-pay option.

Financing your treatment may also be an option. Our team is always happy to come up with payment plans that meet our patients’ needs. Third-party payment options, such as a loan from a private lender, can also help you cover the cost of rehab.

Financial help for addiction treatment

If you’re in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of rehab, there are both private and public options available. State and local government programs might assist with paying for rehab. Private institutions or individuals might offer scholarships for treatment as well. Looking into local resources can be worthwhile if you need assistance in paying for treatment.

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We work hard to remove any obstacles to treatment Access to high-quality addiction treatment can make a significant difference in the lives of our patients. We’re happy to talk to you about insurance coverage, self-pay options, and financing for treatment.

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