Ketamine has long been known as a “club drug,” but it is emerging as a potential game changer in treating […]
Lakeview Health 
| March 9, 2022
Dr. Lantie Jorandby examines the role that past trauma, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), can have on an individual’s likelihood […]
Lakeview Health 
| February 8, 2022
With overdose rates surging, many local communities are taking action against dangerous drugs including fentanyl. One of the contributing factors […]
Lakeview Health 
| December 3, 2021
First priority? Don’t go crazy in the process, which means taking care of you. Let me start by saying this: […]
Lakeview Health Staff 
| July 28, 2021
We now know that chronic substance use—with both alcohol and drugs—actually changes the chemistry and structure of the brain. That […]
Lakeview Health 
| July 5, 2021
Before we get to the pluses and minuses (mostly pluses!) of this increasingly popular addiction treatment approach, let’s define two […]
Lakeview Health 
| June 25, 2021
Sometimes called dual diagnosis, this condition is common, confounding, and entirely treatable. The great news right off the bat: We’re […]
Lakeview Health 
| June 18, 2021
Women Experience Addiction Differently And women-centric treatment approaches are helping them through it. When it comes to addiction, gender plays […]
Lakeview Health 
| May 27, 2021