If You are Furloughed, it Could be a Good Time to Seek Treatment for Addiction

man speaking to therapist

We hear so many times from people who want to go to treatment that they “have to work” and simply can’t take the time off needed for a long-term addiction treatment option. If you are someone who may have not been able to take off for work to go to treatment, now may be the

Sober Super Bowl Party

friends enjoying a sober Super Bowl party

We tend to associate Super Bowl Sunday with good feelings. Friendly rivalries, great football, fun commercials, ad lots of snacks and drinks. But for many, Super Bowl Sunday can also include the temptation to drink, use drugs, or fall back into unhealthy habits. As a result, the game day can be an especially difficult time

Methamphetamine vs Amphetamine: What You Need to Know

a woman wondering the difference of methamphetamine vs amphetamine

The similar name between the two drugs has many people pondering methamphetamine vs amphetamine and the dangers of addiction. This problem is one that must be adequately treated to manage any hazards. Sadly, methamphetamine and amphetamines are both dangerous when addicted. As a result, you may need an inpatient rehab center in Jacksonville, FL, to help

What You Should Know about THC and Vaping

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Recently, THC and vaping are one of the health events in the news. More than 1,600 people have become ill, and 34 have died from vaping-related lung illnesses. The CDC has investigated this one class of vaping products implicated in many of the illnesses. These unregulated and unlicensed cartridges contain THC, the main psychoactive chemical found in cannabis.

OCD and Alcoholism: Do They Require Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates 9.2 million people in this country have what addiction specialists call a “dual diagnosis.” In other words, they have both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. A dual diagnosis center like Lakeview Health’s center in Jacksonville, FL, can do a full assessment to pinpoint

When You are Wondering, Am I Bulimic?

a woman wonder am i bulimic

An addictive personality can manifest in a variety of ways. Lakeview Health is the mental health treatment center that Jacksonville FL residents turn to when they need help dealing with addiction issues, especially when those issues coincide with mental health needs. If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or you are wondering, “Am I

Can Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Kill You?

Do you know someone taking Xanax or Klonopin in concerning or dangerous quantities? Are you struggling with your own dependence on benzodiazepines? Unfortunately, research shows that you’re in good company. Between 1996 and 2013, the number of adults prescribed benzodiazepines skyrocketed by 67%, rising from 8.1 million to 13.5 million. While many physicians have started

What are the Most Effective Forms of Addiction Treatment?

Addiction affects over 20 million adults in the United States. Addiction progresses and can have life-threatening consequences. Unfortunately, many of these people do not receive the treatment they need for their substance use disorders. Freedom from addiction is absolutely possible. Effective treatment can have a profound difference in the quality of your life. However, there

How Drug Rehab Can Change Your Life

Rehab. You’ve heard the term, you probably have your preconceived notions about what it is (and what it isn’t), and you may even know people who have been to treatment themselves. Maybe you’ve also been to rehab in the past. While rehab isn’t a magic cure for addiction, it can and does change lives every