What is Polysubstance Abuse?

woman struggling with polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance abuse refers to the use of three different classes of substances. For example, a person might use cocaine along with alcohol and ecstasy. They may or may not have a drug of choice but use multiple drugs to create the feeling they want. When this takes place, individuals must seek out the help of

The Importance of Alumni for Relapse Prevention

friends with their hands in the air as they speak with alumni for relapse prevention

Addiction is a long term battle. It doesn’t end when you finish a rehab program. Alumni for relapse prevention allows those who are farther into recovery to help those still new to the journey. A long term approach to recovery is much more likely to stand the test of time, and alumni program groups provide

Understanding Addiction And Social Media

young woman on phone learning about the connection between addiction and social media

In today’s society, a lot of the information and content we consume is through our phones or computers. Social media has the ability to keep us connected to friends, family members, and even our favorite idols. However, social media can have its downsides as well. Because of the amount of exposure social media presents, it

The Importance of Alumni Program Participation

friends getting together knowing the importance of alumni program participation

If you’ve ever recovered from addiction or are in the process right now, you know that the path is not easy. The possibility of relapse is real, and triggers are everywhere. Especially now in the current climate of the world, simple things can become triggers. However, there are ways to stay on the right path

The Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol And Prescriptions

individual suffering from the dangers of mixing alcohol and prescriptions

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one’s use of alcohol and prescription drugs, it’s crucial to seek out a polysubstance addiction treatment program for help. On their own, alcohol or prescription drug abuse has side effects and the possibility of addiction. Using both together will exacerbate symptoms and put your health at

Navigating Recovery in Quarantine

woman looking out window wondering how to navigate recovery in quarantine

Recovery can be difficult, no matter what stage you are in. Those new to recovery and those who have been clean and sober for years are all feeling the struggle of recovery in quarantine. However, with the right relapse prevention plan and alumni program, it can be done. Here are some tips on how to

Understanding the Dangers of Benzo Abuse

man struggling with the dangers of benzo abuse

In recent years, the use of benzodiazepines as a form of treatment for medical disorders has escalated. Due to the increase in the prescribing of these medications, there is an increase in those abusing benzodiazepines as well. It’s essential to understand the dangers of benzo abuse when misused from the prescription, or used without a

What Are Healthy Coping Skills?

happy woman practicing healthy coping skills

As you work through your treatment plan, you participate in a number of programs and therapies that help you. You learn why you might have begun abusing drugs, how you can avoid substance abuse in the future, and the importance of a support system after treatment. One of the most important things discussed is your

What Are Life Skills?

woman learning what are life skills and how they help for recovery

When you begin with addiction treatment programs, you often hear about learning life skills. These skills are introduced through addiction therapies and treatment programs and are meant to benefit you once you leave treatment. But what are life skills for recovery, and how do you implement them once you return home? What Are Life Skills?

The Dangers of Benzos

woman worrying about the dangers of benzos

When it comes to abusing substances, there are multiple types of prescription medications available for individuals to misuse. One of the more popular types is benzodiazepines. However, it’s essential to seek out a benzo addiction treatment program to avoid experiencing the dangers of benzos. Knowing these dangers and how they can negatively impact your life