COVID Travel Guide

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If you’re coming to Lakeview Health from a different town or state, as many of our clients do, you may want to take extra precautions during your travel. This could prevent your exposure to COVID-19. Lakeview Health is a drug and alcohol treatment center with locations in Jacksonville, FL. Once you’re here, we’ll take every

Xanax and Alcohol

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Polysubstance use disorder describes the addiction to two or more chemical substances. In layman’s terms, this means a person abuses more than one drug. Polysubstance abuse is common in America and is a reason many people seek treatment at a drug and alcohol facility nearby. This is a serious condition, especially when the substances used

The Dangers of Self-Medicating During COVID

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COVID-19 and social distancing present unique challenges for individuals who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Where you once may have had access to round-the-clock residential care, your treatments may now be limited to outpatient or virtual options. However, this doesn’t mean you should self-medicate between visits. There are still alternatives to foregoing

Can Alcohol Addiction Be Cured?

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The term “recovery” can seem simplistic when you consider all that it can mean to a person. What does recovery mean when you are considering mental health and substance use disorder treatment? Many people assume that recovery means “curing” addiction, especially when it comes to alcohol. But can alcohol addiction be cured? If you are

What is Psychological Dependence?

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When people talk about addiction, it’s actually a double-edged sword. However, most don’t realize that it involves physiological and psychological dependence. That said, many associate only the physical symptoms with dependency. Many individuals might wonder, what is psychological dependence? And how do you move past it to achieve long-lasting recovery? Lakeview Health is here to

What to Look for in a Center During Covid

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Isolation is typically detrimental to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, it is often considered a sign or symptom of substance use disorder rather than a way of treating it. However, in these days of COVID-19 and quarantine measures, group activities present health risks of their own. If you or someone you care

Primary Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

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Making the decision between inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse can be a difficult one. These two types of programs provide very different pathways to sobriety, yet each offer individuals the potential to enjoy a lifelong recovery. The key is in determining which is right for you, between the big choice of inpatient and

Mixing Xanax And Alcohol: This Is What You Need To Know

Mixing Xanax and Alcohol: Know The Dangers Many individuals have easy access to two common substances in today’s society – Xanax and alcohol. While the substances alone seem harmless, misuse of either can have harmful effects, and mixing the two can lead to even more serious complications.  One of the most widely prescribed drugs in

Does My Addiction Need Treatment?

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If you’re worried that a bad habit may have turned into an addiction, it’s time to have a professional assessment from a neutral third party. Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This chronic condition involves many substances. A few of the more common ones include: Alcohol Prescription painkillers Heroin Cocaine Methamphetamine If

How to Help My Wife in Recovery

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“I need to learn how to help my wife in recovery.” It’s a question that the mental health and addiction specialists at Lakeview Health receive a lot. Drug and alcohol addiction, especially paired with mental health disorders, can be very toxic to a relationship. You may feel overwhelmed with what you must do to protect