Holistic Therapy Program For Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy program plays a major role in your overall wellness

Addiction and mental health problems affect all aspects of your life. As a result, you need healing and wellness in all aspects of your life. Holistic therapies work to restore your mind, body, and spirit using non-medical approaches, sometimes as part of an integrative health model.

For most people seeking long-term addiction recovery, holistic methods alone do not bring lasting wellness. You still need medical care, such as medication for diagnosed mental health problems or physical health concerns from a co-occurring disorders treatment center in Jacksonville, FL. You also need to receive evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT. In this way, a holistic therapy program works with other addiction therapy programs to provide integrative health models for complete healing and recovery.

Do I need a holistic therapy program?

Everyone benefits from a holistic therapy program. People in recovery benefit most when this program aligns with evidence-based addiction therapies. For this reason, you should seek a co-occurring disorders treatment center Jacksonville FL that provides several methods of holistic addiction therapy with science-backed approaches.

Holistic addiction therapy programs can include:
Guided meditation
Equine-assisted therapy
Art therapy
Physical fitness
How a holistic therapy program for addiction helps you
Methods tailored just for you

Your holistic therapy program Jacksonville FL uses individualized approaches, just like your integrative health program. But these approaches are the non-medical ones. Holistic approaches still satisfy many of your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual growth needs.

Your holistic therapy program helps you recover from physical exhaustion, poor diet and emotional stress you suffered in addiction. But your therapists do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. They tailor holistic methods to your needs.

Goals of your holistic therapy program Jacksonville FL include learning why you started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. You must also improve your ability to cope with cravings and increase self-confidence. At the same time, your holistic therapies promote physical fitness. Overall, they help you stay away from drugs, alcohol and other unhealthy choices.

Where to find holistic therapy for addiction recovery

You can find holistic therapy in many rehab facilities. But the important issue is finding these therapies as part of a broader program. For this, you need evidence-based approaches in balance with holistic methods.

Holistic methods combine very well with scientifically proven methods. After all, the objective of a holistic therapy program Jacksonville FL is finding and keeping balance in all aspects of your life. Along this vein, behavioral therapies and medical health care pair well with yoga therapy sessions.

Most holistic approaches for your wellness are methods you can apply at any time in your life, anywhere you live. These methods help you with stress management techniques and allow you to cope with stress and emotional difficulties in ways that keep you healthy and safe from relapse.

Of course, you must remember that you need medical detox for the most safety and comfort during the withdrawal phase of your treatment. You also need an array of treatment program options. Good examples of such options are multiple levels of rehab and aftercare at a dual diagnosis facility.

Holistic therapy for addiction recovery in Jacksonville, FL
Lakeview Health is the answer

You can find your holistic therapies alongside other integrative health methods in rehab treatment in Jacksonville, FL. Available programs and services include:

You can start achieving complete wellness for your best chance of lasting recovery when you seek that recovery at Lakeview Health. Using a clear understanding of your current overall health, caring professionals provide treatment best suited to your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual needs. To learn more about your holistic therapy program and individualized treatment planning, call Lakeview Health now at 904 531 3505.

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