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Connect with peers in a group who understand your life journey and needs

Isolation is a big part of abusing drugs or alcohol. In addition, you closed off your world and held most of your thoughts and ideas to yourself. This causes damage throughout most areas of your life. Your group therapy program plays an important role in an addiction therapy program. Group therapy allows you to open up to others, learn how to build healthy relationships, and acquire new skills for your recovery.

Almost everyone feels nervous or afraid before their first group therapy program session. But once you attend this first meeting, you realize that going to a group opens your life up to support, not harsh criticism. You also connect with peers in a group who understand your life journey and needs. For these reasons, going to the group gets easier once you simply give it a try.

Your group therapy program is only one part of rehab treatment. You also need individual counseling and family therapy programs, for complete healing and the potential for long term recovery. All of these therapies come together as part of your individualized treatment program.

Why you need a group therapy program
For dozens of years, a group therapy program has been an integral part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

In these years, its methods worked for millions of people seeking a better life in sobriety. If you wonder whether a group therapy program in Jacksonville, FL will work for you, consider its proven benefits. These benefits include:

Support from peers in treatment
In your group therapy, you gain the support and inspiration of your peers who also struggle with sobriety. These peers help you set goals for your recovery and cheer you on as you achieve them. You return this support, learning how to help others be their best, in the same ways.
Examples for solving problems
You and your group therapy program peers experience many of the same life challenges. Through your own unique perspectives, you compare potential solutions for your problems. You also learn from each other while openly discussing how things work in your lives.
Relationship practice
Relationships in your group give you a chance to practice interpersonal and communication skills. You open your mind to seeing things from others’ points of view and stop feeling so alone in your day-to-day life.

Humans work best in groups. We all need encouragement, advice, and support. This is why your group therapy program Jacksonville FL plays such a strong role in your recovery.

Where to find group therapy for your recovery

When you know you need to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and want a better life, where do you find group therapy to help you achieve your new goals? Luckily, finding these therapy programs is not difficult. Doing so comes down to first finding the quality rehab treatment program that best suits your individual needs. In Jacksonville, Florida, Lakeview Health provides the therapies and other treatment methods you need for lasting recovery.

Rehab is the beginning of your journey into a group therapy program in Jacksonville, FL. When you leave your treatment program and start your new life in sobriety, you also need aftercare support or to participate in community-based group programs, such as for the 12-Steps. Your 12-Step support group helps you maintain wellness and personal accountability for your abstinence from alcohol and drugs for the rest of your life

Types of group therapy
There are many types of group therapy

Group therapy does not just take place in one format, with participants sitting in a circle of folding chairs. There are many types of group therapy. Some of these take place outdoors and in environments beyond a classroom-style setting.

Group therapy types and methods include:

Your addiction treatment team provides the group therapies best suited to your individual needs, those proven effective for people seeking long term recovery.

Group therapy at Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL
Lakeview also includes:

Lakeview Health of Jacksonville, Florida provides the group therapy program you need for sustainable recovery. Call Lakeview Health today at 904 531 3505 to learn more about available programs and how to build strong lasting recovery.

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