Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Jacksonville FL

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Jacksonville FL

When you enter rehab treatment for addiction with or without co-occurring mental health problems, you need an array of addiction therapies to help you shape a new, healthier life. These therapies include multiple approaches, each offering unique benefits. Among the best therapies for behavioral problems and mental health disorders is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT offers the means to make real, lasting changes in how you view, feel about and live your life.

What could provide greater hope as you emerge from active substance abuse than knowing therapy can help you create the future you want? CBT is a powerful means of changing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You learn better-coping skills through this therapy and become the more stable person you aspire to be today. Learn more about CBT and seek out these life-changing therapy services in your chosen Florida inpatient rehab center.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Your cognitive behavioral therapy program Jacksonville FL centers on talk therapy methods. These methods, based on behavioral psychology, help you better control or change your behaviors. CBT focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, and views of yourself and the world around you affect your behavior.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is just one type of behavioral therapy program. Other forms, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), stem from the principles of CBT. In essence, CBT and other behavioral therapies focus on positively changing your behaviors. They use positive and negative reinforcement to increase or decrease specific ways of behaving.

As a human, you perceive things, think, feel and understand. You use all five senses to create your own unique experience in life. But how you think or feel about your past affects how you behave.

Your cognitive behavioral therapy program Jacksonville FL helps you understand why you abused drugs or alcohol in the first place, despite knowing they hurt people. As your life fell apart, you kept going back to the most destructive thing in your life. CBT helps you avoid this type of self-destruction. By learning why you abused these substances and where things went wrong, you program yourself to change.

Does CBT work?

When you suffer addiction, you develop a pattern of doing things you do not really want to do. Substance abuse is not a choice once you move into dependence. In many ways, your earlier self-medication is not a choice before dependence, either. So now you want to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, but struggle to do so despite making up your mind.

Your cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Jacksonville FL helps you understand where your harmful behaviors actually come from. They come from inaccurate ways of thinking and the negative feelings brought on by these thoughts. The domino effect of addiction stops when you change your thoughts and feelings into accurate, positive ones.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, you learn how your thoughts and emotions work together. In learning this, you can change the automatic voice in your head that sabotages you when you want to stop doing harmful things. You learn to stop the cycle of substance abuse before it starts again. In additionman participates in cognitive behavioral therapy, you also shape a better future through your more positive view of yourself and the world around you.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy works. Many studies prove it brings positive results in treating addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other conditions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Accredited Jacksonville, FL Rehab Treatment

When you pursue rehab treatment from an accredited Jacksonville, FL rehab program, first ensure that the program offers CBT. CBT strengthens your recovery and helps you arm yourself against potential relapse.

Other important programs and therapies you need from Jacksonville rehab treatment include:

Learn more about cognitive-behavioral therapy by talking to a caring counselor at Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL. In addition, Lakeview Health is an accredited addiction rehab treatment program offering the highest quality of therapies and services. As part of an integrative health approach to your addiction with CBT, you can put substance abuse behind you for good. Call Lakeview Health now at 866.704.7692 to explore available programs and services offered at our facility in Jacksonville.