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Nearly half of all people with a substance abuse disorder have a co-occurring mental health disorder

Co-occurring disorders are common. In fact, nearly half of all people with a substance abuse disorder have a co-occurring mental health disorder. When you have a co-occurring disorder, recovering is more difficult because symptoms of one condition can aggravate the other. In addition, mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions, meaning that treatment from a dual diagnosis treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, is the best way to begin recovery.

Both addiction and mental health disorders impact your brain chemistry and create neurotransmitter imbalances. When you struggle with a co-occurring disorder, you can deal with mood changes, depression, and anxiety. Depleted moods can increase your drug or alcohol use, which can, in turn, hurt your mental health.

Because of this harmful cycle that can occur, a mental health treatment program is crucial to treat both issues. While the main focus is on addiction treatment, attention will be given to treating any underlying mental health disorders that could be creating this cycle of substance abuse.

At Lakeview Health, we emphasize mental health treatment as part of any addiction treatment plan. Our team has found that addiction is often a way for people to cope with mental health disorders. If you or someone you care about may benefit from a co-occurring disorders treatment program, reach out to Lakeview Health today. We provide outstanding addiction treatment that addresses both the physical and mental toll that addiction causes through both inpatient and outpatient options.

Inpatient treatment is residential and usually lasts for up to 28 days. Outpatient programs meet for at least several days per week and allow you to return home each night. Inpatient and outpatient co-occurring treatment programs utilize evidence-based and holistic therapies.

Evidence-based treatments
Evidence-based treatments include medication management, individual therapy, and group counseling.
On-staff psychiatrists
Co-occurring treatment centers have on-staff psychiatrists who can help adjust your medications during substance abuse recovery.
Individual therapy
Individual therapy can improve your ability to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
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Co-ocurring disorder affects Both:


Addiction is a chronic disease that causes you to compulsively abuse drugs and alcohol, even if you deal with severe or harmful consequences or have a strong desire to quit. For example, one may face challenges within their career, such as lost jobs, and continue to abuse the substance of choice. This is partially caused by changes to the decision-making center, impairing one’s judgment and lowering their inhibitions. Addiction also causes extreme neurotransmitter imbalances and changes to your pleasure and reward center.

Drugs and alcohol both flood your system with pleasurable neurotransmitters. Your brain then connects that substance with pleasure and rewards you with neurotransmitters when you use. However, when the effects of your substance of choice wear off, you are suddenly depleted of neurotransmitters. This depletion can lead to intensified cravings.

When you become addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can deal with overwhelming withdrawal symptoms that make it hard to stay clean and sober. During recovery, your brain re-learns how to properly release neurotransmitters, which can take time. You may experience mood changes, such as increased anxiety, during early recovery.

Mental health

Mental health disorders are conditions that change every aspect of a person’s life. In fact, many people start to abuse drugs or alcohol to deal with a mental health disorder. Although drug or alcohol abuse may allow them to feel temporary relief from their mental health disorders, they are actually causing long-term damage that may be irreversible. Lakeview Health provides high-quality, comprehensive care for many mental health disorders.

Mental health conditions are usually treated with medications and therapy. While there is no cure, mental health treatment programs can help you manage your symptoms. Our Lakeview Health team will teach you strategies that you can use to live with a mental health disorder. When you choose to enroll at our co-occurring disorders treatment center, you are choosing to give yourself the best chance of genuine, long-lasting recovery. Our co-occurring disorders treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, may be the right place for you to begin to heal your mental health disorder and substance use disorder.

Benefits of a co-occurring disorders treatment program

Many benefits result when people enter a co-occurring disorders treatment program. At Lakeview Health, our treatment programs help patients enjoy the quality of life that they deserve. Some of the benefits of the co-occurring disorders treatment program at Lakeview Health include:

Embrace comprehensive treatment for co-occurring disorders at Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health provides a dual diagnosis treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida

Dual Diagnosis treatment is the approach used when individuals are simultaneously struggling with a mental health issue and a substance use disorder.

Having a mental health and substance abuse disorder can make recovery difficult. A co-occurring disorders treatment center ensures that you have the support, guidance, and understanding needed to foster your recovery. At Lakeview Health, we offer the comprehensive treatment you need to recover from co-occurring disorders. Our admissions team works with you and your family to determine your specific needs and guide you through the admissions process. We then create a treatment plan that targets your needs to help set you up for successful recovery.

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