Mental Health Treatment Center

Mental Health Treatment Center

Long-term exposure to alcohol and drugs has serious consequences for your body, brain, and emotional health. While you’re actively drinking or using, alcohol and drugs slowly damage your internal organs, alter your brain chemistry, and mask co-occurring mental health disorders. When you choose to enter our Florida dual diagnosis rehab, you’re making a choice involving more than stopping your addictive behaviors and learning to live without intoxicants. Our mental health treatment center will help you uncover physical and emotional imbalances and provide the medical and psychiatric supervision that will help you address these mental health disorders in a healthy manner.

Patient Assignments While at Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Florida

Lakeview Health has full-time, fully licensed medical professionals on-site to manage medication, monitor detox, and oversee all recovery activities.

Full Support Across the Continuum of Care

Our medical and psychiatric staff is involved in all levels of your treatment, from intake to discharge. We closely monitor withdrawal symptoms during the medical detox process and use medication as needed to help relieve discomfort you may experience as your body and brain react to the absence of alcohol and drugs. We design your recovery plan around co-occurring disorders and/or physical issues arising during any phase of mental health and psychiatric treatment in Florida. Neuropsychological testing allows us to identify and treat almost any addiction-related medical or psychiatric problem you encounter during your stay with us.

On-Site Medical and Psychiatric Services

The medical team is an integral part of our full-time staff and is a consistent part of your recovery journey. We don’t use affiliate or consulting doctors and nurses like most addiction treatment centers. At Lakeview Health, you won’t have to wait for an appointment to adjust medication or jump through hoops to see a physician – our medical staff is always nearby. They’re experienced, have all the relevant medical records and documentation in your file, and know exactly where you are in the treatment process. As experts in addiction and recovery, they are trained in the latest therapeutic techniques and methods. Our team is your team, ready when you need them.

Psychiatric Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

Lakeview Health is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. Our medical team is qualified to address mental health issues common in people struggling with alcohol and drug use disorders.

Our co-occurring mental health treatment programs include:

Our multi-disciplinary staff collaborates to integrate all aspects of your treatment into a seamless whole best serving your specific set of emotional challenges.

Medical Treatment for Addiction-Related Physical Conditions

We provide top-tier medical care to address chronic diseases often accompanying addiction, such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Hepatitis
  • Lung Disease
  • Cancer

Trained physicians and nurses understand your medical needs. We monitor your physical conditions, manage your medications, and coordinate with your previous primary care providers and specialists to ensure there are no lapses in your medical treatment while you’re in rehab.

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