Lakeview Health Mens Rehab Center

Lakeview Health Mens Rehab Center

Lakeview Health Men’s Rehab Center

male patient smiles with female counselor and two other male patients in the background at lakeview health mens rehab centerAt The Star—our Lakeview Health men’s rehab center—we understand what it takes to overcome addiction and have the experience, understanding, and dedication to help you recover.

More than 11% of adult men in the United States meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder annually. Overall, one out of every seven Americans ages 12 and older has a substance or alcohol abuse disorder. While addiction afflicts tens of millions of Americans each year, less than half complete treatment. Since addiction is a chronic, incurable disease, treatment is necessary in order to ensure you fully recover.

The risk of experiencing a fatal overdose continues to increase, as overdoses have become the leading cause of accidental death in the country. Addiction can cause personal, career, and relationship problems. When you become addicted to drugs or alcohol, your decision-making process and judgment are impaired, making you more likely to make poor or risky decisions.

Lakeview Health Men's Rehab Center Amenities

Semi-Private Rooms

We don't want men who come enter our men's rehab program to feel alone. For this reason, we offer semi-private rooms where men can connect with others going through a similar journey.

Jacksonville Beach Bistro

The Jacksonville Beach Bistro is a restaurant-style setting where men can share meals together. Our dietary team can create personalized nutrition plans to help ensure you're eating as healthy as possible.

Recreation Area

At the Lakeview Health men's rehab center, we offer both indoor and outdoor activities for men to unwind, including:

  • Outdoor basketball hoops
  • Ping pong table
  • Wellness center
  • Putting green

Atlantic Lounge

The Atlantic Lounge serves dual purposes for men. Not only can men relax and hang out, but they can also participate in My Brain Solutions, which is a computer-based learning and retention program that helps with memory recall and concentration.

Learn More About The Star

Our Florida addiction treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of men during recovery. Men can have a more difficult time expressing and sharing complex or embarrassing thoughts, feelings, and emotions during therapy. Lakeview Health men’s rehab center crafts specialized treatments to improve your ability to communicate and benefit from therapy.

When you are battling addiction, alcoholism, or a substance abuse disorder, you can feel trapped. Finding help from a Lakeview Health men’s rehab center is the first step in your recovery. We have the expertise, understanding, and dedication necessary to help you reach your recovery goals. Call us today at 866.704.7692 to learn more about your treatment options.