Announcing New 26-Bed Eating Disorder Center
Lakeview Health Announces the Opening of Koru Spring
A full-spectrum eating disorder center for women.

JACKSONVILLE, FL (April 19, 2023) – Lakeview Health, a leader in addiction treatment, is expanding its patient offerings with the opening of Koru Spring, a full-spectrum eating disorder center. The 26-bed facility will begin accepting patients April 19, 2023.

Koru Spring will be integrated into Lakeview Health’s Jacksonville, FL campus, a center of excellence in addiction treatment for more than 20 years. This makes the Lakeview Health family of treatment centers one of few in the country that can provide dual diagnosis care for eating disorders as well as co-occurring anxiety, trauma, depression and substance use disorder.

According to Jamie Stevens, Lakeview Health CEO, the ability of the Lakeview Health family of treatment centers to address co-existing mental health and substance abuse along with eating disorders is a game changer for patients. “Koru Spring was created as a restorative environment for adult women to address and heal from the impacts of eating disorders. We have seen rising numbers of patients with substance abuse issues who are also dealing with eating disorders at the same time,” she said. “It’s common to see these co-occur, but it’s very rare to find a care team that has experience treating both. This is something we have been planning for years, and we are eager to help Koru Spring patients heal and recover from the eating disorders that have impacted them and their families.”

As with Lakeview Health’s substance abuse treatment centers, The Rose and The Star, Koru Spring will provide gender-responsive treatment, working exclusively with female patients. Over 20 million women will struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Koru Spring will provide women of Northeast Florida and throughout the US with access to high-quality care, offering them the tools and support they need to fully recover.

Lakeview Health Announces the Opening of Koru Spring.

“Lakeview Health has an award winning clinical and medical team, and together we have been helping patients recover from addiction for over 20 years. Adding experts from the eating disorder treatment field will complement this team as they apply their expertise to meet the growing need for evidence-based care in the eating disorder space,” said Stevens.

The Koru Spring treatment program also features nutrition education including weekly meal planning, cooking experiences, group and individual therapy, as well as yoga and equine therapy. Additionally, the eating disorder program will leverage the existing state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. wellness center located on the campus.

For more information on Koru Spring, please visit or call: 866 704 7692.

About Koru Spring

Koru Spring offers a restorative environment for adult women to address and heal from the impacts of eating disorders. Koru Spring’s interdisciplinary team provides dual diagnosis care for conditions including anxiety and depression. The company’s medical team provides care for residents including those who require nasogastric (NG) tubes.

Koru Spring is part of the Lakeview Health family: centers of excellence in addiction and eating disorders treatment.