Lakeview Health Insurance Verification

Lakeview Health Insurance Verification

Lakeview Health Free Insurance Verification

We accept and work with most major health insurance providers, and do everything we can to make sure the insurance verification process is simple and stress-free. Reach out today by simply filling out this insurance verification request form or by calling us at 866.704.7692.

In-Network with Aetna and Cigna

Insurance, Mental Health, and Addiction

Treatment for substance abuse is identified as an “essential health benefit” which means it must be covered under insurance the same way other medical, and surgical procedures are covered. We want you to focus on the commitment you have made to seek help and trying to decipher pages and pages of insurance industry jargon. Our admissions specilaists find out what your plan covers and we provide you the bottom line in plain language. If you plan to pay privately, or there are portions of your treatment not covered that need to be paid out of pocket, we accept all majot credit cards. If you are uninsured or under insured we can help you come up with a payment plan that will suit your needs and budget.

Depending on what state your insurance plan is originated from, we work with the following insurers, although coverage may be available on a case- by case basis with others, so it is best to call or fill out the form:

  • Aetna (in-network)
  • Cigna (in-network)
  • Compsych
  • United Healthcare
  • One Call
  • First Health Network

*This list is subject to change and does not include all providers. Please call our Treatment Specialists and we can help determine the level of care and length of treatment your policy may cover.