Patient success at Lakeview Health

The team at Lakeview Health is dedicated to helping our patients succeed on their path to recovery. Our individualized approach to patient care allows us to meet patients where they are and work with each of them to achieve their unique goals and needs during treatment. We understand that addiction impacts every aspect of a person’s life and work with our patients to help them heal—mind, body, and spirit.

We know our approach to care works. Our patients report feeling better, having hope and creating better relationships after treatment with us. The proof is in our data.

Being there for our patients

We are committed to ensuring that our patients not only feel better, but that we support them throughout treatment and well into their new lives in sobriety. From day one, patients meet their aftercare team and peer support specialists. This team, along with our addiction-certified physicians and masters-level therapists get to know patients to help them though the ups and downs of their recovery journey. We see the value that these connections have as over 85% of our patients complete their treatment with us compared to a national average of 52%.

Leading clinical outcomes

At admission, many of our patients report having severe PTSD, anxiety, or depression. Through our integrative approach and expert-led care teams, we are able to help patients improve their overall mental health during their stay at Lakeview. Our data shows this approach provides successful post-treatment outcomes.

True north alumni

The Lakeview Health Alumni Team is an invaluable support network, helping former patients navigate life in early recovery and beyond. The members of the Alumni Team act as guides, sharing personal stories and offering a sense of hope to current and former patients. After leaving Lakeview, patients will be contacted by our alumni team for regular check-ins. In addition to these check-ins, former patients are also invited to participate in alumni activities, including: