Dear Lakeview Families and Friends,

We are currently under a Tropical Storm Watch as Tropical Storm Nicole approaches and want to share the steps we take to keep our patients and staff safe. We have experienced tropical storms and hurricanes many times before and have protocols in place.

Tropical Storm Protocol

If we experience a tropical storm, all programming continues as normal with the exception of off campus activities. We cancel off site activities to reduce driving in the storm. Our PHP and IOP patients will stay at our main facility to reduce driving as well.

On-site Generators

If we lose power during a tropical storm or hurricane, we use generators on-site to keep our kitchen, medication rooms, and other areas of the facility running with ease. There is no disruption to meal service or medications.


Our patients and staff are given updates and frequent communication before and during tropical storms and hurricanes, so they understand what to expect and feel safe and prepared. Our patients are also encouraged to speak with family and keep them updated as well.

Thank you,
The Lakeview Health Team