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Lakeview Health is a nationally recognized evidence-based addiction treatment and rehab program.

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Our Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

What makes Lakeview Health so different from other Florida drug rehab centers? Our specialty addiction treatment programs in Florida allow us to target the specific needs of our patients to provide them with efficient care, not generic care.

Women’s Program

A woman’s program allows patients to feel understood and safe as they work through their treatment plan.

Men’s Program

Our men’s program provides an encouraging and uplifting environment for individuals to heal and thrive.

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Discover Our Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Taking the first step towards recovery can be daunting, but knowing your options for care is paramount to your success. Lakeview Health is here to be the go-to Florida drug rehab center to receive the world-class care you deserve to achieve recovery. Our facilities are designed with our patients in mind to ensure they receive not only the proper care, but also an enjoyable and healing experience. The addiction treatment specialists at Lakeview Health offers patients their knowledge, experience, and compassion to help them in their recovery journey.

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Our Florida Drug Rehab Center

The location of our facilities helps to enhance the experience of our patients while also creating an environment ideal for healing and recovery.

Thanks to our educational efforts and on-site vaccine clinic for patients and staff, we are proud to announce that nearly 90% of Lakeview’s Jacksonville, Fl. employees are vaccinated against Covid-19.