Editorial team

The Lakeview Health editorial team is responsible for all of the content we publish on our website. In addition to content creation, this means providing research, fact-checking, reviewing, and editing the wide variety of content that Lakeview Health produces. Reach out to Lakeview Health at 866 374 0561 today to learn more about our skilled team of writers, editors, and healthcare professionals.

The Lakeview Health editorial policy

When writing about healthcare issues, we understand how important it is to be both sensitive and accurate. This is why we make sure that each piece of content we produce is held to the highest editorial standards, both formally and in terms of the clinical accuracy of the content itself.

Our mission at Lakeview Health is to support individuals struggling with substance use disorders through their transition into recovery. We aim to express and extend that mission in each piece of content we produce by compassionately delivering scientifically accurate information our readers can trust.

We aim to ensure that our content is always evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and up-to-date.

About the Lakeview Health editorial team

Because we offer such a broad range of individualized treatment modalities and approaches, we believe it is essential that our editorial team represent a broad range of expertise. To this end, our editors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and represent a range of writing, research, and editing experiences both in and outside of the healthcare space. You can get to know our team by clicking on their profiles below.

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