Nutrition & fitness specialists

Nutrition specialists

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While having a healthy diet is essential, it’s vital for those in addiction recovery. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and wholesome grains and proteins can help the body continue to heal in recovery and help keep the body and immune system healthy for years to come. At Lakeview Health, we place a major focus on food and nutrition for our patients. With planned out menus, we ensure our patients have a variety of foods to choose from that are healthy and delicious. By learning about food and nutrition, patients are also better prepared to continue a healthy lifestyle once they return home.

Fitness specialists

Similar to the importance of food and nutrition in recovery, patients should also focus on their physical wellness and fitness. Through exercise, patients can continue to heal in treatment while also improving their physical wellbeing. Placing a focus on health and wellness can help patients avoid focusing on cravings once they return home. Sticking to an exercise routine can also help prevent relapse and is an excellent coping mechanism for stress.

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