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Portraits of Recovery

When Rex realized his son’s birth wasn’t going to make him stop using, he knew he had to get help. Coming to Lakeview gave him hope, connection and strength to overcome his addiction and create a better life for his family.

Lexie shares her journey from young heroin addict to long-term recovery success story. She shares that without the tools she received while with us she doesn’t know where she would be.

After using the Christmas money for drugs instead of gifts, Tony had a “Christmas Carol” moment realizing he needed help. Treatment helped Tony find his True North and learn his full potential in life.

Ryan shares how he reclaimed his sense of purpose | Lakeview Health

Isabella shares her recovery journey | Lakeview Health

Celebrating Recovery

Portraits of Recovery is a celebration of those in recovery and the friends and family who supported them along the way. Too often we focus on the “before,” how the addiction began or what life in active addiction may have been like. The focus of Portraits is to highlight the life that is possible after addiction – the opportunities and the strong relationships that can be established along the path to recovery.

Success Stories from Our Past Patients

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