Integrative health

Our goal is to help you restore whole health.

Simply put, this means that our expert medical and clinical team will support your recovery with an integrative approach. This approach to health and medicine is called integrative because it seeks to unite all aspects of a person – biological, psychological, and social – into a single whole, rather than a sum of separate, unrelated parts. Learn more about our integrated health program in Florida.

Understanding your needs

The admissions specialist you speak with during your first phone call to Lakeview Health begins gathering information that will help our team understand how we can help. Upon admission to one of our centers, you’ll complete a battery of assessments. These will include psychological tests and questionnaires that gather information about your history and physical well-being. The assessments provide staff with the information they need to thoroughly comprehend your substance use history, mental health, and whether there may be physical health issues that need to be addressed. They are able to use this information to create an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan with the right addiction treatment resources to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive care

Sobriety is the core of your health and the center of our integrative model. Establishing sobriety comes first. Then, with your commitment and the guidance of our clinical and medical team, we collaborate to restore and rebuild the essential elements that support a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Every person that walks through the doors at Lakeview Health receives top quality, comprehensive care. Our licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and master’s level therapists work with you throughout your treatment to ensure you’re progressing and building skills for long-term sobriety.

Psychological wellness

Using evidence-based, data-informed addiction treatment programs, individuals will participate in various therapy groups, individual therapy, family therapy sessions, and depending on the center, wellness, experiential, and expressive groups. Additionally, you’ll start to build fellowship with others in recovery through 12-step meetings.

Biological wellness

While you are participating in therapy, restoring your psychological health, you’ll also have access to medical providers. Our medical team will work with you as needed to support your physical health. The amount of medical treatment will be dependent on the level of care and your specific needs. For example, those who need medically monitored detox programs will be monitored 24-hours per day, whereas individuals in an intensive outpatient program may only need weekly appointments with a physician and/or psychiatrist to monitor progress or manage medications. Regardless of where you are in your journey, our medical providers are an integral part of your treatment team.

Spiritual wellness

Restoring confidence and self-care to your life are part of spiritual wellness. Through expressive therapies such as art therapy or music therapy and experiential therapy such as physical fitness, yoga, or equine-assisted psychotherapy (note: expressive and experiential therapies differ by center) our staff will provide opportunities to explore creative outlets, new experiences, and leisure activities in a safe and supportive environment. It gives you the opportunity to re-connect with relaxation, self-reflection, leisure, and healthy fun without the need for intoxicants. As you begin to establish healthy coping skills and explore activities that bring you joy, you’ll also likely start to feel more confident in various aspects of your daily life. Developing, or re-establishing your authentic self, fosters spiritual wellness.

Beyond treatment

Our support goes beyond your treatment with us. You’ll become part of a robust and active alumni community that is available for peer support, celebrating successes, and fellowship. You also have continued access to our certified recovery coaches. Treatment is just the beginning of living a life in recovery. There will likely be good days and tough days, and the True North Alumni Program will be a support system you can rely on for as long as you need, whether it’s two weeks or 10 years.

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