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Intervention guide

Our intervention guide is an addiction eBook that is meant for family and friends of the individual who has the addiction disorder. The guide helps in determining whether your loved ones have a drug or alcohol problem by checking various signs and symptoms. Also, the guide gives advice on how you can conduct the intervention measures to help your loved one. The eBook mentions various people that you can involve during your intervention. You will also learn how to handle the objections that you are likely to encounter as you intervene in this situation. At the end of all this, you will have gained enough knowledge on how to choose the best rehab for your loved one.

Aside from our addiction brochure and eBooks, Lakeview Health also has other resources which include:

Lakeview Health treatment programs include the following:

Understanding medically monitored detox

What does medically monitored detox entail? Why has it become popular among therapists and addiction clients for the last few years? You can download our eBook for free and get the answers to the questions above. Moreover, you will get to learn more about the detailed process of medical detoxification. The eBook also lists the common substances that lead to medically monitored detox.

Additionally, you will discover some of the withdrawal symptoms that one is likely to encounter after quitting drugs or alcohol. What to expect during the detox process is also available in this Addiction eBook. With all this information and much more, you will be well prepared to attend the healing process.

Recovery from co-occurring chronic pain and addiction

By Dr. Adrian Blotner

If you want to learn more about the pain that accompanies the addiction disorder, Lakeview Health has prepared a “Chronic Pain and Addiction” eBook where you can get this information. In this book, you will learn about the chronic pain cycle and how it can impact your brain. When you are in pain, your whole family becomes affected in one way or another. So, expect to learn several effects of chronic co-occurring pain on you and your loved ones. You will also find out whether the side effects that accompany the long-term use of chronic pain medications outweigh the benefits.

Additionally, you will get more information on the new productive forms of treatment for pain and addiction. Also, the Addiction eBook has several tips on how you can manage stress and adjust your lifestyle. For this and much more information, you can download the eBook for free.

Addiction treatment for a loved one: a how-to-guide

Since addiction is a life-threatening disorder, learning how your loved ones can access the treatment is crucial. The ‘How to Guide’ eBook by Lakeview Health contains important information about family support for recovery, how to find a rehab for a loved one, and much more. For instance, you can gain knowledge about the signs and symptoms of addiction. The eBook also gives tips on how you can start the addiction conversation with your loved ones. You will also learn more about the different treatment options for addiction and what they involve.

Do not make it easy for addiction to derail your life. Our addiction treatment resources, including the above eBooks and brochures, contain a lot of information that can help you or your loved one. Contact us on 866 704 7692 for more information.

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