Social phobia treatment

In some cases of drug or alcohol addiction, a patient might need social phobia treatment. Fortunately, Lakeview Health treats co-occurring conditions of addiction, so treating social phobia disorder as part of a dual diagnosis treatment program is possible at our facility.

What is social phobia?
Social phobia exceeds normal shyness

Social phobia has also been referred to as social anxiety disorder. It is characterized by a persistent fear of social situations. This may cause embarrassment, panic, or anxiety that interferes with an individual’s daily functioning. Social phobia exceeds normal shyness and leads to excessive social avoidance. Affected persons tend to avoid dating, social gatherings, parties, talking to strangers, and going to restaurants.

Those who suffer from social phobia find it extremely difficult to cope with their fear and the uncomfortable feelings it produces. Some will turn to alcohol and drugs to comfort and distract themselves. Addiction develops when they continue to depend on substances to move through performance, panic, anxiety, or potentially embarrassing situations. It may feel like substance abuse is temporarily relieving symptoms, but it is actually worsening them. Social phobia treatment and anxiety treatment programs help each individual understand and identify these symptoms, so they can work on the healthy coping methods that will help them move forward.

Symptoms of social phobia

These symptoms cause significant distress that interferes with an individual’s daily level of functioning at work and school as well as in relationships. Substance abuse exacerbates social phobia.

Symptoms of social phobia include:

Social phobia and substance abuse
Social phobia is usually present prior to alcoholism

Alcoholism is most commonly associated with social phobia but individuals with social phobia may abuse other substances based upon personal preference. Many times, people are using alcohol to decrease anxiety-related social phobia because it is widely accepted as a social lubricant. Social events, work meetings, the pressure to perform and family gatherings are all examples of situations in which social phobia may have a negative impact.

Social phobia is usually present prior to alcoholism. Most social phobic individuals are not aware of how they may initially use substances to avoid fear and anxiety. They may develop an addiction over time from habitual dependent behaviors on substances to compensate for social phobia symptoms. Florida inpatient rehab gives the individual who is addicted and has social phobia time to practice being in an environment without using substances.

Social phobia treatment with addiction treatment

The addict needing social phobia disorder treatment needs a mental health treatment center that has an integrated approach applied to his or her recovery. The only way to receive optimal treatment results is to have an addiction and mental health disorders treated simultaneously in a dual diagnosis treatment setting.

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