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September 14, 2011

Ask Yourself Questions As Part of Relapse Prevention


Relapse is always a possibility for anyone who is in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. No one is above it. Part of relapse prevention is for a recovering addict to be aware of the signs of falling into relapse mode. Ten questions that someone in recovery should ask themselves regularly as part of their relapse prevention plan are as followed:

  1. Are you experiencing minor depression?
  2. Do you find yourself acting out in other ways? (Eating, shopping, gambling, sexually…)
  3. Have you stopped communicating with others who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol?
  4. Are you isolating? (some say the worse thing an addict can do is spend too much time by themselves)
  5. Have you stopped going to meetings? And are you getting resentful at others in meetings when you do go?
  6. Are you becoming complacent? (thinking that you no longer have to take action to protect your sobriety)
  7. Do you think about getting “high” or drunk more often?
  8. Are you telling or thinking about your “war” stories more often than normal?
  9. Have you started to have thoughts that maybe you are capable of drinking like a “normal” person?
  10. Is your overall attitude changing? (Does recovery not seem as important to you as it used to?


Addiction is a serious and progressive disease. Part of relapse prevention is recognizing signs and behaviors that may lead to a possibly deadly relapse.

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