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Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

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Published: December 26, 2019

Individuals with moderate to severe meth addiction usually need to detox prior to receiving treatment. To get started, they may search for a drug addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, or the city nearest them. Persons living in Florida can consider Lakeview Health as an option. There are medical professionals at the facility’s detox center who will help them manage meth withdrawal symptoms before they go into treatment.

Meth Abuse and Addiction

In 2018, about 1.1 million people aged 12 or older were addicted to methamphetamine, also called meth. Meth is a stimulant doctors prescribe to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also prescribed to help people lose weight. There’s also a potent and highly addictive form of meth popularly known as crystal meth. Crystal meth is made illegally and sold to drug users.

Although the drug increases energy and brain functions, those who abuse the drug can develop a methamphetamine use disorder or addiction. People abuse the stimulant to stay active and focused for extended hours or experience that false sense of well-being it creates.

A person addicted to meth is unable to control or stop drug use. He or she usually displays signs of meth addiction, such as frequent thoughts of using meth, needing larger doses of the drug, mood swings, anxiety, or depression. They may also experience meth withdrawal symptoms if they skip a dose or try to quit.

Withdrawal at a Meth Detox Center

You or a loved one can safely detox and withdrawal at a medical detox center. Detox is the process of removing the drugs and toxins left behind from excessive or long-term drug use. Detox can be done at an inpatient rehab that best serves those with severe meth addiction or a mental health disorder that co-occurs alongside substance abuse. The medical doctor at the center can help you manage acute meth withdrawal symptoms by monitoring you throughout the process. Your doctor might even decide to treat you with medication to help you get through withdrawal with a bit more ease.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Methamphetamine “come down” symptoms begin around 24 hours after the last dose but are rarely life-threatening. However, crystal meth withdrawal can trigger severe symptoms that can place the person’s health in danger. In some cases, the user may need to go to a partial-hospitalization clinic for medical care as they come off meth. Regardless of the withdrawal setting, certain mild to severe symptoms usually develop during the meth withdrawal timeline. But everyone may not experience the same symptoms. Common meth withdrawal symptoms include intense cravings, extreme exhaustion, increase or decrease in appetite, and:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Extreme fatigue or lethargy
  • Drowsiness or excessive sleeping
  • Fatigue, agitation, or restlessness

Meth Addiction Treatment Options in Florida

There’s a list of Florida rehabs accepting meth users who are ready to get clean, although their meth addiction treatment programs may differ. At Lakeview Health, you can benefit from the variety of programs, therapies, and services personalized to suit your needs. For example, individuals affected by drug abuse and a co-occurring disorder can be treated at the dual diagnosis treatment center. Once we determine the level of care you need, we can initiate recovery care, starting with detox. After the meth withdrawal symptoms go away, and you are no longer dependent on the drug, we will help you transition into behavioral therapy.

Clients also have the option of enrolling in the outpatient or residential treatment program. Since addiction affects the whole person and their loved ones, we can design a holistic care plan or even allow your family members to participate in the family therapy program. Other treatment programs include:

Sober Up and Put Your Life Back Together

Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL, provides a safe haven where you or a loved one can recover in private. Our competent team of professional doctors, therapists, and counselors will care for you in a non-judgmental and drug-free environment. We do understand how difficult it can be to quit drugs, but it isn’t impossible. Contact Lakeview Health today at [Direct] to find out how we can help you.

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