Endure Program at Lakeview Health expands to meet growing needs of Veterans and First Responders battling mental health and substance abuse

JACKSONVILLE, FL (May 2024) – As Memorial Day approaches and the nation honors heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, the number of U.S. veterans living with serious mental health and substance abuse issues continues to climb. To help combat these issues, North Florida-based Lakeview Health treatment center has created a healing initiative uniquely geared towards men and women who have served.

The Endure Program at Lakeview Health for veterans and first responders emphasizes trauma-informed care, healthy coping skills and open communication. Additionally, the team is led by a Chief Medical Officer with more than eight years’ experience working directly with the Veterans Administration, is anchored by a master’s level therapist and veteran and has made a concerted effort to stack the entire treatment team with those who have been on the front lines just like the patients they treat.

Endure Veterans and First Responder Program

“With Endure, we provide an outlet for participants to share their own unique story with other people who have been through similar experiences while our holistic approach addresses their physical needs and overall well-being,” said Dr. Lantie Jorandby, Chief Medical Officer at Lakeview Health, who worked as a staff psychiatrist in the Veterans Administration and served as Mental Health Supervisor at the Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic in Viera, Florida, the third largest Outpatient VA clinic in the country.

She continued: “Our team of therapists, doctors and aftercare coordinators works with patients each step of the way to address triggers and underlying emotions that contribute to addiction and mental health issues. Everyone here is so passionate about making sure these heroes who have been on the military and first responder front lines get the proper treatment they need to live the healthy lives they so deserve.”

The Endure Program was expanded in response to the rising populations of veterans with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), of the more than the 308,000 veterans with SMI, 28% were not receiving help.

SAMHSA also reports a strong instance of co-occurring conditions. Over the course of just one year, the percentage of mentally ill veterans with co-occurring illicit drug abuse issues climbed from 29.5% to 35.2%.

The Endure Program features a specialized curriculum to address the unique motivations and challenges veterans and first responders face, trains each team member in trauma-informed care, and is certified as a Veteran Safe Place by The Fire Watch.

It also includes a robust aftercare program and nationwide alumni network, individual and group therapy, surf and equine therapy, pain management including on-site physical therapy and non-addictive treatment options.

“All of our programming is tailored to veterans and first responders, and the pain management piece is particularly important as more than two-thirds of all veterans report experiencing pain,” said Sgt (Ret.) Christopher J.A. Scallon, MPsy, CCISM, one of Lakeview Health’s Client Services Representatives who was instrumental in the development of Endure.

Scallon sees the specialized Endure Program as yet another way these heroes show resilience in the face of situations many people won’t have to confront in their lifetimes.

“Offering culturally aware service for first responders and veterans embodies the resilience of these individuals who courageously confront their struggles and seek support and resources to reclaim their health and well-being. They have put their lives on the line in the name of their country and communities and Endure helps them in their current fight to break free from addiction.”

In addition to Endure, Lakeview Health continues to grow. Last year, they opened Koru Spring, an eating disorder program for adult women. To learn more about Lakeview Health, Endure Program or Koru Spring including employment opportunities with the Jacksonville-based company, please visit lakeviewhealth.com.




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