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Lakeview Health: Serving Our Nation’s Veterans

Serving Our Nation’s Heroes

Recognizing the need for evidence-based treatment for our Nation’s Veterans, we have adapted our Professionals Program to meet the needs of those who have served and others in high-stress, safety sensitive positions.

Our Professionals Program emphasizes trauma-informed care, healthy coping skills, and the benefits of open communication. This program provides an outlet for participants to share their story with others who have similar experiences, while our holistic approach tends to patients’ physical needs and overall wellbeing.

An Integrated Care Team

Our masters-level therapists, MDs, and aftercare coordinators work with patients each step of the way to address triggers and underlying emotions that may contribute to addiction, develop healthy skills and strategies, and create a plan for life after treatment.

Our mission is to treat Veterans with the upmost respect and highest level of care while meeting their specific needs in treatment. To enhance Veteran care, Lakeview Health has:

Additionally, our clinical team is versed in several treatment modalities to accommodate each patient’s unique needs. At Lakeview Health, we offer:

SAMHSA data shows that nearly 4 million Veterans suffered from mental illness and/or a substance use disorder in 2019. Our team has the training and cultural competence to treat combat and non-combat Veterans who may be struggling with co-occurring conditions.

“Through our Professionals Program, we are able to address the unique needs of individuals who face high-stress situations on a daily basis. This program provides a place for these individuals to share and learn from their experiences with others who can relate to them.”

Lantie Elisabeth Jorandby, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Lakeview Health

U.S. Department of Veterans
Affairs Psychiatrist 2006-2014

Designed For Healing

Our gender-responsive campus provides patients with the resources and spaces needed to heal. At our men’s facility, The Star, our dining room resembles a pub to help men learn to socialize or watch a game without the use of substances. Our women’s facility, The Rose, features a spa-like setting to help women participate in self-care and form lasting female friendships.

Our state-of-the-art wellness center is equipped with an indoor track, weight stations, a yoga studio, and lap pool providing Veterans opportunities to continue exercising with the guidance of our exercise specialists.

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