Alcohol & Drug Rehab Aftercare Program for Recovery

What Happens When You Leave Lakeview Health?

From the moment you enter any of the addiction treatment programs at Lakeview Health, our Aftercare Services team begins planning your successful re-entry into the world. Our mission is to help you live a sober life. Our commitment to you continues long after your time on-campus. We’re with you for the long haul. While you’re here, we create an individualized recovery plan that changes over time as you change. The same is true for your re-entry plan. It’s custom-designed to meet your needs and work for your life. When those needs change—as they will, because no one stands still—your plan needs to change. We promise to be here for you when that time comes. One month, six months, one year, five years—when you pick up the phone and call us, we’ll answer and mobilize all available resources to help you meet whatever challenge is in front of you.

We will follow through on this commitment to you, and we encourage you to verify this for yourself: learn more about our Alumni Recovery Support Resources or come to one of our frequent community events and meet the very real humans at the core of Lakeview Health.

The Importance of Sustained Support

Our culture is obsessed with quick fixes. We have computers in our pockets that put the world at our fingertips, so it’s no surprise everyone is looking for the fastest way to lose weight, the one secret short-cut to getting in shape, or the quickest and easiest way to learn a new skill. Time for a reality check: there is no shortcut to sobriety and no fast track to recovery. One thing you’ll learn at Lakeview is that recovery is a lifelong process. There’s a saying you’ll hear from the old-timers around support meetings:

“Rehab is short. Recovery is long.”

The reason you hear it is because it’s true. During your stay here, you’ll learn tools and strategies to get sober, but the real test happens when you take those tools out into the world. Starting at least three weeks prior to your discharge date, you’ll begin a constructive dialogue with your Aftercare Coordinator and create your post-treatment sobriety plan.

Meet Our Aftercare Coordinator

Our aftercare coordinator is a key component in our Aftercare Program. He is here to help facilitate your transition into a life of recovery and ensure that you are prepared to use the tools and techniques you’ve learned while in treatment.

Aftercare Coordinator

Rex Taylor

Aftercare Coordinator

Lifelong Recovery: It Takes Planning

The last day of official treatment is the first day of your new life— but you won’t be alone. You’re part of the Lakeview family. When you leave Lakeview, you’ll have a discharge folder that includes all your medical records, clinical information gathered by your primary therapist, and the one document that can make all the difference in your sustained sobriety: your Aftercare Plan. While your plan will be custom designed to meet your needs, all successful Aftercare Plans include the following key elements:

  • Community Support
    • Peer
    • Family
    • Professional
  • Medication for mental health if determined necessary by clinicians
  • Medical care to keep your body strong and resilient for ongoing recovery
  • Personal Fulfillment
    • Employment
    • Spiritual Development
    • Hobbies, Exercise, Recreation, Wellness

Your Aftercare Plan will include the specific ways you’ll check all those boxes. From granular details like where you’re planning to get your exercise, practice hobbies, or keep developing your stress management techniques, to large questions like where you’ll live, where you’ll go to peer support meetings, and where you’ll receive medical and psychiatric care, all your bases will be covered. You’ll walk out the door with names, dates, addresses, appointment times, and everything you need to keep the momentum you gained during your time at Lakeview Health.

Aftercare Helps Prevent Relapse

Statistics show the longer you stay in treatment, the lower your chances of relapse. Think of Aftercare as a way of staying in treatment as you return to your life out in the world. It’s a different kind of treatment. One that requires your commitment, discipline, and diligence. It requires you to be self-managing, self-aware, and completely honest. It requires humility and work. It does not, however, require you to do it alone. It requires the opposite. Take another look at essential elements of a successful Aftercare program – peer support, family support, hobbies – and notice they all involve the positive input of other people. Take the old saying it takes a village to raise a child and transpose it to sobriety, and you’ll understand the role community plays in your sustained sobriety. Our Alumni Network offers you that level of community commitment – and if you’re not local to Lakeview, we’ll help you find that safe place wherever you plan to live after your time at Lakeview Health.

Ongoing Care: By the Numbers

This graphic gives you a clear idea of the real dangers of relapse and why it’s important to stay focused, engaged, and committed to your recovery.

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