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Integrative Health at Lakeview Health

Lakeview Health is an addiction treatment center – that’s clear from the moment you land here on our website or hear about us through a referring professional or alumnus. Addiction and substance use disorders are our specialty, and everyone on our staff is committed to their work in addiction treatment and recovery. Many members of our team have been through rehab themselves, or have experienced the pain of addiction through proximity to the struggles of loved ones, family, or friends. Like our patients, we’ve walked many paths to arrive where we are today, and all our paths have led us to one place: Lakeview Health. Everyone from our Leadership Team to our Medical & Psychiatric TeamClinical Staff, Recovery Coaches, Health & Wellness Team, and Head Chef share a commitment to helping you achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety.

But there’s more to it than that.

Just as you, as a person, are far more than your addiction or substance use disorder, our mission goes far beyond treating your addiction. Our goal is to treat the whole person – mind, body, and soul – to help you reach a state of total health. We embrace the definition of health proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in their founding charter:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

This approach to health and medicine is called integrative because it seeks to unite all aspects of a person – biological, psychological, and social – into a single whole, rather than a sum of separate, unrelated parts.

This diagram illustrates our approach to integrative health.

Sobriety is the core of your health and the center of our integrative model. As a recovering addict, establishing abstinence – through our medically monitored detox program – comes first. Then, with your commitment and the guidance of our clinical team, we collaborate to restore and rebuild the eight essential elements that support a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

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Healthy Values

 We espouse three core values of integrative health across the entire continuum of care. These values form the foundation of the entire Lakeview experience, and are practiced by both patients and staff:

  • Clear and honest communication
  • Respect and trust of self and others
  • Accountability for self and willingness to hold others accountable

Medical Health

 Our medical team treats addiction and also any acute medical issues caused by long-term alcohol and/or substance use or co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Our doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists monitor and stabilized your physical health so you can focus on recovery.

Team Skills

 Sobriety depends on your work and commitment, but it takes a community of supportive peers and professionals to beat addiction and get the most out of rehab. You participate in team building exercises and recovery activities to learn effective methods of communication, cooperation, and interpersonal connection that will sustain you long after you leave Lakeview Health.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy give you space to recognize and process feelings you may have suppressed, ignored, or avoided during your addiction. Expressive therapy like visual art, music, and writing provide you with a creative outlet to feel and express your emotions. The arts are a window into the human soul. A piece of music, a painting, or a poem can illuminate dark corners, celebrate the joy of living, and teach us about parts of ourselves we may not be able to access through group process or individual therapy.

Experiential therapies such as equine-assisted (working with horses) and surfing allow you to step out of your comfort zone, connect with nature, and rediscover the joy of learning and feeling in a sensory-rich environment. Horses are powerful creatures that respond instantly and instinctively to subtle emotional states and require your fine-tuned attention to non-verbal cues to develop a relationship and rapport. A connection with a horse – simple yet rich – can unlock an awareness that allows you to communicate more fully and honestly in process groups and individual therapy. Similarly, surfing requires you to feel the raw power of the ocean, read its signals, and synchronize your mind and body to catch – but not control – waves as they roll towards the shore. A positive surfing experience can instill a physical and emotional confidence that’s life-affirming, soothing, and centering, which leads to deeper reflection and insight on your life, sobriety, and recovery path.

Trauma-Informed Care

At Lakeview Health, we understand past trauma, know how to help you deal with it, and create a safe space to process the emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns associated with it. Our programs, clinicians, and staff realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand potential paths for recovery, recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma, and seek to actively resist re-traumatization during all phases of treatment.

Sexual Health

We lead group sessions to explore how relationships and sexuality play a role in addiction and recovery. Gender-responsive groups allow men and women to discuss issues of sex and romance with a level of openness and honesty that’s not always possible in the presence of the opposite sex. While we are not a sex addiction facility, some of our staff members have expertise in sex addiction and can help explore related issues. However, if your sex addiction supersedes your substance addiction, we refer you to a specialized facility where you can get the level of specific care you need.

Systemic Health

Everything you do at Lakeview health is designed to support the entire you – mind, body, and spirit. Therapy, group process, and psychodynamic education help heal the mind. Medical supervision combined with fitness and wellness therapy helps heal the body. Mindfulness and spirituality activities help heal the spirit. Together, this integrative approach leads you toward total health.

Neurological Health

Long-term exposure to alcohol and substances of abuse can have a severe impact on brain health. Cognitive function, memory, and the ability to learn new skills can all suffer from the neurological dysfunction caused by addiction. Medically monitored detox, therapy, wellness, and mindfulness can help restore balance to your brain, and the introduction of My Brain Solutions, a computer-based memory program, can help you rebuild your capacity to recall old memories and remove impediments to creating new ones.

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