/Knowing where to look for drug and alcohol addiction resources in Panama City, FL, is critical to addiction recovery. Panama City is amidst one of the cities in Florida with rising drug-related deaths.

A recent report from Florida’s medical examiners shows a 97% increase in deaths caused by the synthetic opioid fentanyl and a 22% increase in drug-related deaths from 2015 to 2016. Opioids are among some of the most commonly abused drugs, and they were some of the main culprits in most drug overdoses. With that said, there is a rise in drug-related overdoses for all kinds of drugs, from prescription drugs to illegal ones, like cocaine.

If you are among the 1 in 7 Americans who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, help is not far. There are plenty of alcohol and drug addiction resources in Panama City.

Let’s explore some of your options below. For more information or to learn more about our programs, give us a call at 904.677.5010. We will have a team available at all hours of the day to answer your calls.

Ways to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is prevalent in Florida. In 2017, Florida providers wrote 60.9 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people. This is significantly higher than the average U.S. rate of 58.7 prescriptions.

Many of these patients will eventually develop some physical or chemical dependence on their prescription medications. This dependence may lead to addiction. Unfortunately, many prescription opioid and opiate abusers will eventually move onto heroin. In fact, 80% of heroin users first started off abusing or misusing a prescription opioid.

Many people, especially teens, get ahold of prescription opioids from the medicine cabinet. Only 4.7% of those who abuse prescription drugs get their drugs from a dealer or a stranger. If you are currently prescribed prescription opioids, here’s what you can do to prevent abuse and misuse:

Taking steps to prevent prescription drug abuse is important. The only way that you can lower abuse and misuse rates is through your diligence. It’s important to note that telling everyone in the household about the dangers of abusing drugs once is not enough. You’ll need to hammer down the concept with repetition.

If you suspect that a loved one may be abusing or misusing prescription drugs, give us a call at 904.677.5010. One of our experts can help you analyze the situation and figure out what to do next.

Types of Rehab Centers in Panama City, Florida

If you or someone that you know is abusing drugs or alcohol, your best option is to seek evidence-based treatment approaches from a rehab center. Although it can be difficult to define ‘success’when it comes to addiction recovery, professional help can usually assist you in reaching your recovery goals.

There are many different types of rehab centers to choose from. Each treatment facility will specialize in various treatments. For example, some treatment centers may specialize in holistic treatment approaches. After finding a rehab facility that offers the treatments you’re looking for, consider the type of rehab programs that they have to offer. The most popular options include:

The different types of rehab centers cater to different needs. Lakeview Health can offer each type of care mentioned above. Regardless of what you need, we have it. Give us a call at 904.677.5010 to learn more about our programs and treatment facilities.

Detox Centers and Programs

Although the first step in rehab will vary from one patient to another, most patients can expect to go through the detox process first. There are two different types of detox services: medical detox and holistic detox. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Some addiction treatment programs offer only detox services. They do not take a comprehensive approach and offer other evidence-based treatment approaches.

Here, at Lakeview Health, we offer detox services in conjunction with other treatments. We specifically specialize in medical detox services, like the Librium Protocol and Serax Protocol for treating alcohol dependence. We also offer a Phenobarbital Protocol and a Buprenorphine Protocol for treating opiate dependence.

Our closest facilities to you are located in Jacksonville, Florida, which is about a 4.5-hour drive away. Our two facilities offer gender-responsive treatment, which means that each treatment center caters to a specific gender only. We have The Star for Men and The Rose for Women. Both treatment facilities offer a high quality of care and numerous amenities and services.

To learn more about our programs and to see what we have to offer, schedule a tour of our facility with us today by calling 904.677.5010.

Mutual Support Groups and Recovery Meetings

/When it comes to overcoming addiction, many studies have found that peer support plays an integral role. Those who feel that they receive adequate support from the people surrounding them tend to have more discipline and motivation when it comes to their recovery. They are less likely to relapses and are more likely to lead healthier lifestyle habits.

Finding the right people to lean on is not easy. Many people have difficulties relying on loved ones, as they may not feel understood. Mutual support groups and recovery meetings may be able to better offer the support that’s needed. There are many different options to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include:

Most addiction experts recommend going to at least one recovery meeting a week if possible. It’s also usually a good idea to attend the same meeting each week. This will allow participants to build stronger relationships with other members.

With that said, those who need more support are more than welcome to go to as many meetings as they need. Some individuals have been known to go to a meeting a day. These meetings help them stay on track and focused.

Achieve Sobriety With Help from Lakeview Health

You might feel fearful whenever you think of addiction recovery. After all, you may feel like addiction is all that you know. After all, every decision that you have made so far may be geared towards supporting your addiction.

Lakeview Health can help you achieve sobriety and change the direction of your life. We can assess the severity of your addiction and help you figure out what steps to take next to get clean and stay sober. We offer a wide range of evidence-based treatment approaches that can help you learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

We take a servant leadership approach at Lakeview Health, which has been a hit so far. To learn more about our philosophies, come meet our team. We can explain every little detail to you. To learn more about our programs, contact us by giving us a call at 904.677.5010 at any time.

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