/As one of the oldest cities in Florida, St. Augustine is plagued with just as much drug and alcohol abuse as any other city. Here, visitors can find top-rated resorts and hotels and can enjoy the beautiful scenery while they stroll along the brick-lined streets and take in the European influenced architecture that’s around. St. Augustine has more than 450 years of history.

Despite being a beautiful place to live and visit, drugs and alcohol have slowly infiltrated this city. It’s possible to find remnants of the effects of substance abuse everywhere.

If you or someone that you know is struggling with substance abuse, this is one of the best places to be. There are so many addiction resources in St. Augustine that you’ll easily find the help that you need. Lakeview Health rehab facilities are less than an hour away from St. Augustine by car. Give us a call at 904-677-5010 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

A Growing Amount of Drug-Related Arrests

St. Johns County, which is where St. Augustine is located in, has seen a string of drug-related arrests. Arrests for drug-related crimes have been steadily climbing over the years. This is in correlation with the rising amount of drug abuse in the area.

Between the two weeks from June 11 to 25, 2019, there were 68 drug-related arrests in St. Johns County. Law enforcement officers arrested drug dealers who were selling “hard drugs” like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and other synthetic drugs.

The most common drugs being investigated are heroin and opioids. The Sheriff’s Office’s Special Investigations Unit spends 60% of their time investigating these drugs, and 40% of their time investigating everything else.

“Our hope is that for a period of time we will see a reduction in the number of drug sales because some of these individuals are rather active in that trade,” Mulligan, St Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said. “We have to try to stem the tide of these substances and if during that flow reduction someone looks to seek help in order to get off these drugs then that’s a win win.”

The push between June 11 to 25, 2019 for arrests was due to an increase in arrest warrants for suspected drug dealers. Law enforcement in St Johns County will continue to crack down on drug-related crimes in hopes of reducing addiction rates within the county. Hopefully, this can make a dent in the war against drugs.

Substance Abusers Are Being Given a Second Chance

Addiction completely hijacks the brain. It completely changes a person’s brain chemistry. It can cause someone to act irrationally and to make poor decisions. Those struggling with withdrawal symptoms may be willing to do just about anything to get their hands on their substance of choice.

This has led to an increase in crime in St. Johns County. In particular, St. Augustine is one of the cities most heavily affected. Here, crime rates top county rates.

Fortunately, the county has decided to help those who are forced into a corner. St Johns County has run a drug county program for about a decade now. This program is designed to help non-violent offenders with a drug or alcohol addiction problem. To be eligible for this program, the convicted individual must not have dealt any drugs and must be willing to make a change in his or her life.

“If the criminal behavior is based on drug use, if they no longer need the substance, (crimes won’t be committed),” said Ralph Cumberbatch, the county’s drug court coordinator. “If you change your thinking, your behavior will change.”

Judges who are part of this program often have a relationship with the individual charged with a crime. They ask these individuals about how they’re doing in life, how they’re feeling and more. The judges stay with participants in the program until they graduate. Participants must pass drug tests, do community service, attend counseling, and go to self-help meetings.

While some judges may have had reservations about the program, they eventually agree that this program has changed the lives of many. It has helped many people who could also be considered as victims get sober and clean.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Do You need?

Depending on your needs, different types of addiction treatment programs may be considered a better fit. An excellent treatment plan should be customized to the needs of each patient. This includes not only the level of care that each patient should receive but also the type of evidence-based treatment approaches that will be included in their plan.

When it comes to the levels of care provided, Lakeview Health offers three different options. They include:

Other than the level of care that’s most appropriate for your needs, you also need to consider the type of therapies that might be most effective. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is extremely popular among those struggling with addiction. Those who are also struggling with PTSD or trauma may benefit more from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Call us at 904.677.5010, and one of our specialists will assess your situation to determine the type of addiction treatment that you need. Our goal is to pair you up with the right treatment, so you’ll have an even better shot at recovery.

It’s Important to Look for a Treatment Center that Is Accredited

/A simple Google research should reveal an assortment of rehab centers in your area. Regardless of what evidence-based treatment approaches or treatment programs you choose, you must make sure that the rehab facility is accredited.

According to the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission, only about 21.8% of rehab facilities are accredited by CARF, and the Joint Commission accredits only about 19.2%. About 56.9% of treatment centers are not accredited by either.

So, what does it mean to be accredited?

It means that the rehab facility meets state licensure requirements and standards. At an accredited facility, you can expect the treatment center to comply with all designated standards. Rehab centers with accreditation can offer better clinical and healthcare outcomes.

With an accredited facility, you can expect:

Lakeview Health holds the Gold Seal of Approval® for accreditation with the Joint Commission. You can rest assured that we offer a high quality of care.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is recommended for treating all types of addictions. This type of detox is different from holistic detox in the sense that it relies on prescription medications to stabilize the body. Addiction causes an imbalance in chemicals within the body.

Chemical levels fluctuate tremendously among those who abuse alcohol or drugs. When they have substances within them, they often experience euphoric feelings caused by an influx of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. As their body uses up the substances, they then have a significant decrease in these chemicals. This can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. It can also lead to withdrawal symptoms, like seizures, fatigue, pain, and more.

In most cases, medical detox is the first treatment that patients receive upon getting admitted into rehab. This stage in recovery usually takes 7 to 14 days to complete. Once the chemical levels have stabilized, patients can move onto other parts of their addiction treatment program.

A different cocktail of medications will be prescribed to each patient based on the severity of their addiction and the types of withdrawal symptoms they experience. Many medications can target the same disease. For example, methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol can all be used to treat opioid or opiate dependence and addiction.

To learn more about the drug detox services that we offer, please give us a call at 904.677.5010. Our specialists will walk you through the entire process.

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