4 Holistic Approaches to Relapse Prevention
By: Lakeview Health
Published: December 19, 2020

It’s essential to take relapse prevention seriously. That includes while you are receiving therapy in a residential program like the one at Lakeview Health, but even more importantly, once you have left our care. While there are many types of prevention methods, some of the best and most rewarding involve a holistic approach. At Lakeview Health, we provide support through holistic addiction treatment for those who can benefit from it.

Strategies for Relapse Prevention

When it comes to finding holistic approaches to relapse prevention, one of the most important things to remember is that there are many different opportunities available to you. Not all of them will work for every individual struggling with addiction. But as you explore, you are sure to find at least one that is interesting and effective for you.

1. Meditation

Meditation allows you to focus your mind and slow down your body in intense moments of anxiety or discomfort. With meditation, your mind and senses come into balance, and you can feel yourself relaxing. It is also a very effective way of recentering your thoughts, which can be an essential part of relapse prevention.

2. Yoga

Yoga is more than just exercise for your body. The movements and practices are calming and restorative. They can help you to slow down the production of cortisol — the stress hormone — in your body, allowing you to focus on your healing.

3. Massage Therapy

When you’re facing the intensity of addiction therapy, inflammation, and tension build up in your body’s muscles. Massage therapy can help to reduce some of those feelings by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood.

4. Nutrition

You may be surprised to think of nutritional therapy as being a holistic addiction treatment. However, it can be very effective for several reasons. It works to restore your body’s health and helps your organs to heal. It works at a cellular level to improve health and even mental well-being.

Finding a Holistic Approach to Relapse Prevention

Holistic addiction treatment can work very well for you once you find the right tools to use. Our team will work with you through this process. Keep in mind that, when it comes to relapse prevention, you still need to focus on evidence-based therapy, which can help you to work through your addiction, causes, trauma, and the stress you feel. These two therapeutic approaches can work together to provide the best way for you to embrace life again.

Know When You Need to Return to Care

While relapse prevention methods can be very successful, for some people, they are not enough to keep them sober. If you are using again, don’t give up. You can be successful. You just need support to help you get back to that point. We can help you with programs such as:

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Relapse prevention is an ongoing goal for every person with drug and alcohol addiction issues. There are many ways to work towards it, but you must find what works for you. A holistic approach is one of the options that may help you. For holistic addiction treatment and support, reach out to Lakeview Health online or call us at [Direct].