Jamie Stevens

Team: Leadership,
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Credentials: CAP MS

Jamie Stevens has been on the frontlines of the fight against drug and alcohol addiction for more than two decades. Her professional journey started 20 years ago on the clinical side of the industry as a therapist and methadone counselor. Since then, she’s held various operational and leadership roles, including her current position as Chief Executive Officer at Lakeview Health. 

Jamie has been part of the Lakeview Health team for more than 18 years, beginning as a primary therapist before being promoted to clinical director. She was advanced to the role of Vice President of Program Services for a three-year stint before transitioning into the Vice President of Operations position.  

In 2021, she helped steer Lakeview Health through the pandemic as newly named Chief Operating Officer. She was named Chief Executive Officer in October 2021.  

As CEO, she is responsible for ensuring all facilities run smoothly, overseeing clinical programming, directing the medical and operational teams and overall day-to-day management. Additionally, Jamie leads business development and strategy initiatives, fostering sustainable growth.  

Under her guidance, Lakeview Health is lauded as one of the top substance abuse treatment centers in the country, known for separating patients by gender with separate campuses and facilities on site for men and women.  

Jamie graduated from the University of North Florida with a master’s degree in health science and a is certified addiction professional (CAP).