Substance Abuse Statistics

Substance abuse manifests differently in various states. In some places, heroin and other opioids are a major concern, while other states see more addictions to prescription pain medications such as Oxycodone. Other substance abuse statistics—such as drug-related fatalities, the demographics of addiction, and the number of people who go untreated—can vary widely from state to state.

Although Lakeview Health only has two physical locations, an addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida and our new addiction treatment center north of Houston, Texas, our facilities and programs still attract patients from across the country. We know the issues patients from different areas will encounter when trying to choose a treatment facility, and we can help with everything from general information about our programs to specific details on issues such as insurance coverage. The states listed here are just examples of the states from which our patients travel from to seek substance use disorder treatment. If your state is not listed here, don’t worry; we can still help. Please contact Lakeview Health directly for more information. Click on a state below to see the statistics of each state.