The Value of Yoga in Recovery

Yoga is a unique practice, it provides mental, physical, and even spiritual benefits. The goal of practicing yoga is to learn to become comfortable in your own skin. This can be difficult for patients in early recovery. Yoga has the ability to help patients find and reconnect with who they are before their addiction, it can function as a coping strategy in dealing with stressful situations.

The physical benefits help rebuild strength providing a connection with body and breath- which promotes healing. Even a very gentle physical yoga practice will bring steadiness to the mind and help detoxify the body.

We believe by adopting a regular practice and going at your own pace, yoga will teach self-acceptance, release from mind, chatter, and control of body and breath.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Barre
This class fuses yoga on the mat and time on the ballet barre together in a power class. A fast-paced class that brings together the flow of yoga and structure of small movements that strengthens and tones muscle at the ballet barre. The best of both worlds!

Gentle Yoga Flow
A slow and mindful practice designed to relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Emphasis is placed on self-awareness, breathing, and honoring the body. This class is appropriate for beginners and students with limitations, as well as experienced practitioners who enjoy a mindful and relaxing practice.

All Levels Yoga Flow
All Levels welcome! This class will explore a little more variation for those who would like a challenge but modifications will always be offered throughout each class. This class will explore different asana (poses) each week and create flow series to strengthen and balance both the body and mind.

Power Yoga
A physically challenging yoga class that integrates asana (physical poses), breath work, and meditation to build heat within the body, work up a sweat, and release outside distraction. This class allows variation and options through poses to help deepen individual practice while listening to your body.

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Who is Kelly Frotten, Yoga & Recovery Instructor?

I am a Vinyasa yoga instructor with over 7 years of experience in mind body connection. My role at Lakeview is to help introduce each patient to the yoga experience. The expectation is to introduce personal practice and to help them learn how to be “present in the moment” while they discover something more about themselves through their yoga practice.

Whether it be a sense of relaxation, a calm in the mind, or maybe find strength they didn’t know they had. The goal is to help them experience yoga feeling better than they did before they came to class each day.

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