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Turning away from Percocet addiction and back to a sober life is a possibility

People who start taking Percocet aren’t usually trying to become addicted. However, continuous abuse of the drug can lead to an addiction that’s difficult for anyone to overcome. Turning away from Percocet addiction and back to a sober life is a possibility, though. With the right substance abuse treatment program, you have the chance to overcome prescription drug addiction.

Symptoms of percocet abuse

Symptoms of Percocet addiction vary based upon the length of time the individual has been abusing Percocet, the amount taken, as well as other substances that might be mixed with Percocet. The common symptoms of Percocet abuse include:

Mood symptoms

Behavioral symptoms

Physical symptoms

Psychological symptoms

Causes of Percocet Addiction
Not everyone who uses Percocet becomes addicted to it

Not everyone who uses Percocet becomes addicted to it. Some patients are able to stop and end their Percocet use easily. There are other patients, however, who end up abusing the drug because of the side effects they feel when they start taking Percocet. Like most drugs, the cause of Percocet addiction depends on several factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, environment, and psychological illness.

Percocet is an opiate-based narcotic. Doctors prescribe it to block extreme pain and discomfort after injury. In some cases, patients may feel a high or even euphoria when taking the drug. Those that do many take more than necessary to chase that feeling, which can lead them to physical dependency. Opiate addiction results in a person becoming physically dependent, they will experience opiate withdrawal symptoms anytime they try to quit using Percocet. The problem only gets worse as they build a tolerance to the drug, which means they’ll have to take more in order to experience the same high.

Effects of Percocet Addiction

The effects of addiction to Percocet can be long-reaching and last a while after the individual becomes sober, which is why prompt detox and treatment for Percocet abuse is vital for individuals addicted to Percocet.

Some side effects include:

Percocet withdrawal Effects

Withdrawal from Percocet should always be done under the supervision of a doctor and trained medical staff in a safe environment to prevent further complications. Effects of withdrawal typically begin within several hours of the last dose and tend to increase in severity over the next several days. Within a few weeks, the withdrawal effects from Percocet should cease altogether.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

You should never try to take on your Percocet addiction by yourself. The unbearable withdrawal symptoms and unacknowledged personal issues can lead you back to Percocet abuse. A sudden return to using could even lead you to an overdose, which can be fatal in the right circumstances.

Going through drug addiction treatment will be the best and safest way for you to overcome your drug abuse habits. At the right addiction treatment center, you’ll be put into contact with medical professionals who understand opiate addiction and will be able to help you through each stage of the recovery process. They also provide you with a variety of programs that can help you learn valuable coping skills and provide you with other tools that you can use in order to maintain a sober lifestyle.

When considering treatment options, it’s important to look for evidence-based programs that cater to what you need. These pharmacotherapies and behavioral therapy programs greatly increase people’s chances of maintaining a sober life once their treatment is over. The programs you need vary, depending on what drug you’re abusing and the situations that you have to deal with in your life. Professionals at the treatment center should be able to guide you to the programs that you need to enter.

Lakeview Health can treat Percocet addiction

At Lakeview Health, we strive to make sure our men’s rehab center and women’s rehab‘s center have the best chance at lasting sobriety. Not only do we offer many evidence-based programs, but we do so in a Jacksonville, Florida facility that’s both comfortable and safe. No matter what challenges you face during your addiction treatment, we’ll have trained professionals on hand who can help you work through them.

Along with our evidence-based programs, we offer a number of holistic programs that can be both relaxing and educational. These therapies, such as art therapy and equine therapy, can teach you coping mechanisms while also giving you an outlet for any anxiety or frustration you have during treatment.

Don’t keep struggling with addiction. Let Lakeview Health help you work toward a sober life. We can provide you with the programs that you want and need in order to start a sober life. Call us today at 866.704.7692 to verify your insurance or learn more about your treatment options.

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