Polysubstance Addiction Treatment Center

Lakeview Health is the polysubstance addiction treatment center Jacksonville, Fl residents turn to when they are overwhelmed by an addiction to multiple substances. At Lakeview, we believe that when you are addicted to more than one substance, there is hope for complete recovery. Our Florida substance abuse treatment center is here to give you the hope and care for you need when you are not sure where to turn.

What it means to have a polysubstance addiction

Polysubstance abusers are addicted to the feeling of being high; they don’t care how they get high. A polysubstance addiction involves at least three substances, but most often, it is more than three. In many cases, the abuse involves alcohol abuse combined with illegal substances, prescription medications, or both. Signs of polysubstance abuse include:

The type of withdrawal symptoms that manifest depends on how often you abuse substances, which substances you are abusing, and how much you use. If alcohol is involved, withdrawal symptoms can start within a few hours.

Treatment within a polysubstance addiction treatment center

Ensuring that you maintain your safety during the detox period and decrease your potential for relapse will require support. We provide the customized care you need by providing a counselor on an individual treatment plan. You and your counselor will discuss your goals and what you believe your strengths are. You will also make a plan to help you meet these goals and discuss what your next steps are going to be.

When you are in a polysubstance addiction treatment center, you might experience:

Above all, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity when you enter the Lakeview polysubstance addiction treatment center. Addiction recovery is going to take time. As you grow in your sobriety, you will discover that you have the strength to stop drug addiction and move forward with your life. When your addiction involves multiple substances, the professional help provided by Lakeview Health will get you on the road to a full recovery.

The importance of addiction treatment

Trying to stop abusing substances on your own often leads to relapse. It is nearly impossible to quit abusing drugs or alcohol when you are addicted, as the withdrawal symptoms can be painful and prolonged. However, when you get recovery help, you don’t have to deal with the withdrawal on your own. Addiction treatment like that provided at Lakeview Health’s polysubstance addiction treatment center gives you the tools you need to take control of your life.

In treatment, you will learn how to recognize what triggers your addiction and how to establish better-coping skills. Once you gain better control over your response to triggering events, you will have an easier time maintaining your sobriety. To improve your life and heal from your addiction, get the help you deserve from Lakeview Health. The polysubstance addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL could be right for you.

Find addiction treatment in Jacksonville now

If you are struggling with an addiction to more than one substance, a polysubstance addiction treatment center is the answer. Contact Lakeview Health at 904 677 5010 and find your recovery now. If you are unsure if you or someone you love needs help — or if you just want to learn more about addiction — you can start by reading our addiction blog. With the right support, you can take your life back from an addiction to multiple substances.

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