Vyvanse addiction treatment center
Vyvanse is a type of drug often used to treat issues like binge-eating or ADHD

Understanding and helping those struggling with addiction is an important issue. Tools and resources such as substance abuse statistics by state, for example, can give us the insight and information we need to help. This information can help alert us to increased use of a particular street drug or alert us to abuses of perhaps lesser-known prescription drugs. It can help us see areas improving and needing more attention. Therefore, it is the kind of information that matters.

That may not mean much to many folks, but to those behind the scenes as well as those served at a Vyvanse addiction treatment center, such information can be life-saving. At Lakeview Health, our substance abuse treatment programs are driven by this data and our years of experience, so we can provide the treatment that Florida residents deserve and need in a time of crisis. And make no mistake about it, addiction is a crisis.

A better Vyvanse addiction treatment center

The goal of gathering information and collecting data regarding every aspect of drug use isn’t to shame individuals suffering from addiction. Instead, the goal is to help them. During an assessment at Lakeview Health, questions regarding your drug history, usage amounts, and frequency help your counselor develop a drug addiction treatment program specifically geared for you. It is also the statistics mentioned above like these that help us help others too.

The better we understand the struggle, the more we know about the battle of addiction, the better we can treat the disease. A better Vyvanse addiction treatment center is the result, and a Vyvanse addiction treatment center Jacksonville FL can rely on is the goal. The kind of treatment center where recovery happens one person and one step at a time.

A better life begins with recovery

It doesn’t have to be a drug that is commonly abused to be a drug that you can form an addiction to. Many prescription drugs can have addictive qualities but may not become commonly abused. That, however, does not make an addiction to these types of drugs any less real or serious. Vyvanse is a type of drug often used to treat issues like binge-eating or ADHD. Vyvanse is similar to Adderall, which is another drug prescribed to treat ADHD. While commonly not recognized as addictive, both of these drugs can be. This is why Lakeview Health offers Adderall addiction treatment programs as well at our Vyvanse addiction treatment center. these addictions are real, and they are serious.

The good news is there is help, answers, and you don’t have to fight your addiction alone. It doesn’t matter how your addiction began or what your addiction is, help is available, and reaching out for help is the right first step. Take that step with us at Lakeview Health, where a better life begins with recovery.

Take the first step today

You have thought about it, you may have even picked up your phone and began to dial, but you didn’t. The problem isn’t so much that you didn’t call but that nothing changed, nothing happened. You woke up with the same craving, the same shame, or the same hurt again, didn’t you? That’s because nothing will change until you take the first step.

We know that the first step is difficult, and the truth is the road to recovery isn’t an easy one either. That’s okay, and you won’t be alone. You will have support, resources, and people around you to help every step of the way. Are you ready for a happier and healthier life, better than the one you’ve been living with addiction? Then it’s time to make the call to a prescription drug addiction treatment center.

Give Lakeview Health a call at 904 677 5010 to begin the end of your addiction and start living the life you want. We’ll be waiting.

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