Hollywood, Florida, is home to a beautiful beach, popular boardwalk, and countless attractions. Also, its prime location between Miami and Fort Lauderdale means you never have to worry about running out of things to do when you live here. Everything you could want is within an arm’s reach when you reside here.

Unfortunately, though, far too many people don’t get to experience the best that Hollywood has to offer. They are unable to enjoy the gorgeous weather or splash around in the clear waters on the beach. Instead, they are focused on their next fix. Countless Hollywood residents have substance abuse problems, and these issues take over their lives.

Right now, your substance of choice may be overpowering you, but you can change that. Call Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692 to learn more about how our drug and alcohol treatment center in Jacksonville is the first step in changing your life.

Alcohol Abuse in Hollywood, FL

Alcohol abuse has long been a serious problem in Florida, and that trend is continuing without an end in sight. According to Hollywood FL substance abuse statistics, alcohol was present in almost half of the state’s drug-related deaths in 2016. It was the primary cause of death in 16 percent of all drug-related deaths.

That same year, 1,720 people were arrested for driving under the influence in Broward County. Many of those charges were due to alcohol intoxication.

While the statistics look grim, there is help available. Many people seek treatment for their alcohol addictions. More than a quarter of those who entered rehab in Broward County in 2016 were there to treat their alcohol addiction. They took that crucial first step so that they could reclaim their lives.

Drug Abuse in Hollywood, FL

Drug abuse is also a significant problem in Hollywood, Broward County, and the rest of Florida. In 2015, 2,538 Floridians died as a direct result of opioids, while 3,896 died with opioids present in their system. Broward County is right in the middle of the crisis. It has the second-highest opioid-related death rate in the state.

Heroin use is on the rise in the state of Florida, especially among young adults. Even more frightening, fentanyl has made its way into Broward County. Fentanyl cases in Broward County increased by 215 percent from 2015 to 2016.

A synthetic opioid, fentanyl has 80-100 times the strength of morphine. That’s why it’s so dangerous. Drug dealers often cut street drugs like heroin and cocaine with fentanyl as a cost-saving measure, but users don’t realize it. They take the same amount they usually take, but because it’s stronger, they overdose. When an overdose occurs, people have a limited amount of time to get help. Narcan is available in the area, but if the dose doesn’t arrive in time, the person will likely die.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

When you first started using drugs or alcohol, you never dreamed you would become addicted. Now, though, it’s clear that you have a problem and need help. If your body is physically addicted to a substance, your road to recovery will begin at our drug and alcohol detox center near Hollywood, FL.

Lakeview Health uses a three-step detox process that begins with an evaluation. You will meet with an intake counselor and medical team to go over your use history and physical and medical health. During this process, the medical team will determine if you are physically addicted to a substance.

If you are, you will begin phase two, where you will enter the detox center. The medical team will quickly work to stabilize you so that you can detox as comfortable as possible. You’ve likely heard some horror stories related to detox, but that’s because too many people try to detox at home. Detoxing at home isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be quite dangerous. LakeviewHealth uses a combination of medications and counseling to alleviate your physical and emotional symptoms. This will make it much easier for your body to rid itself of harmful substances.

After you have successfully detoxed, our medical team will prepare you for treatment. You will learn what to expect during treatment, and you are encouraged to ask questions. This process will eliminate the fear of the unknown that people can have before entering treatment.

If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it’s critical that you get help. People die from this disease every day, so you are putting yourself at risk with every use. Stop this vicious cycle before it claims your life. Call Lakeview Health at 866.704.7692 to speak to one of our admissions specialists.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Hollywood substance abuse statisticsOur drug and alcohol rehab facility is on the same campus as the detox center, so you can walk over when it is time to begin rehabilitation. You probably have some images in your mind regarding what a rehab center looks like. Those images are likely cold and uninviting, so you are in for a welcome surprise when you see Lakeview Health. Lakeview Health uses gender-specific treatment methods, so the facility is divided based on gender. Both sections of the facility are gorgeous and comfortable and will help you maintain a positive mindset as you go through treatment.

Our professionals take a holistic approach to treatment, meaning you can heal your mind, body, and spirit here. Much of the work you do will take place in group and individual therapy sessions and classes where you will learn more about the nature of addiction and how to break free from substances. The comfortable classrooms and meeting spaces are designed to encourage communication. Your voice will be heard when you go to Lakeview Health.

You will receive at least six hours of treatment each day, and you can use the rest of your time to relax, reflect, and spend time with new friends. Lakeview Health has a recreation area, wellness center, swimming pool, meditation garden, lounge, and other public spaces you can access. During this time, you are encouraged to make friends who you can rely on during your path to recovery.

You can also relax in your semi-private room. The comfortable room will help you decompress after a full day of treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Lakeview Health also treats patients who have received a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis means you have a substance abuse issue and a mental illness. Your treatment team will create a plan specifically for you that will address both the mental illness and the substance abuse problem. Researchers have discovered that treating both issues simultaneously provides the best outcomes. Once your mental illness and addiction are stabilized, you will be ready to live your best life.

We also understand that dual diagnosis treatment programs need to be ongoing. An aftercare specialist will help you transition from treatment inside our facility near Hollywood, FL, to treatment at home. With the specialist’s help, your transition will be a smooth one, and you can continue to receive the care you need.

Help for Families

You’ve likely heard that addiction is a family disease, and this is true. Substance abuse does not just affect the person who is drinking or using drugs. Family members go through an assortment of emotions when they watch the disease progress, and they often forget to take care of themselves during this stressful time.

If you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need treatment as well. Lakeview Health offers a three-day family workshop for the families of our patients. You will learn communication strategies, coping skills, and how to take care of yourself. You will also attend group therapy sessions with your loved one.

If you can’t attend the workshop, you can still get help from Lakeview Health. Our counselors offer phone therapy sessions for patients and their loved ones. These sessions are run by professional counselors and can help you restore your relationship. Then, you will be in the emotional position to support your loved one after he or she leaves our rehab facility while still taking care of yourself.

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