For many people, Florida seems like a picture-perfect paradise. The Sunshine State has mild weather consistently and is home to beautiful beaches as well as some of the most popular theme parks in the world. It’s hard for certain people to notice the sunshine though, due to drug and alcohol addiction. Floridians suffer from various types of substance addictions, with alcohol, opioids, cocaine, and marijuana most prevalent.

If you’re one of the many Tampa residents suffering from substance abuse, help is available. Lakeview Health offers high-quality substance abuse treatment programs in Jacksonville. Instead of trying to fight this battle on your own, contact our specialized drug and alcohol treatment center near Tampa, Florida today at 904.677.5010!

Opioids have long been a sensitive issue for Florida residents. The state was once known for its “pill mills,” and these mills made countless residents addicted to prescription pain medication. Still, others suffer from addiction to heroin and synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl.

While legislation has slowed down the “pill mills,” a large number of Floridians are still addicted to opioids, and overdose deaths are an alarming concern. According to Tampa substance abuse statistics, 3,245 Floridians overdosed from opioids in 2017. That’s a rate of 16.3 deaths per 100,000 people living in Florida.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to opioids, you are likely afraid of what is to come. You don’t want to be a statistic, but you know that you need help.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center is conveniently located close to Tampa, Florida, and we can help you overcome your addiction as we have with many other patients. Call our friendly representatives today at 904.677.5010, and we’ll be happy to answer questions about our facility or your addiction situation.

Alcohol Treatment and Detox Near Tampa, Florida

Florida is known for having a party culture, and that includes binge drinking. More than 17 percent of Floridians report binge drinking. Binge drinking is classified as having four or more drinks at a time for women and five or more drinks for men. This level of alcohol consumption can quickly turn into a problem if you aren’t limiting yourself. If you have a problem with alcohol (beer, wine or liquor), our medical detox and alcohol treatment center near Tampa is here for you.

When you enter our beautiful lakeside campus (hence the name “Lakeview”), you will first go through an intake process and then head to our in-house medical detox center. Our center will help you eliminate the alcohol from your system safely and comfortably. Lakeview Health has staff round the clock, so you will always have someone there to assist you throughout each step of your recovery process.

Alcohol detox typically takes five days, and we may administer medication to keep you comfortable during the process. We even have medication for those who also suffer from liver impairment.

Once your system is free of alcohol, you will move to our inpatient treatment facility. We employ science-based treatment methods and offer a variety of support groups to help you learn to cope without alcohol. Options include the process group, trauma group, and relapse prevention therapy group. Your counselor will help you choose the groups that fit into your specific treatment plan.

Contact us today to find out how our alcohol rehab facility can help you at 904.677.5010.

Drug Treatment and Detox Near Tampa, Florida

Drug deaths are on the rise in Florida. While opioids are the leading cause of drug deaths in the state, many also suffer from addiction to other drugs.

When people get physically addicted to drugs, it gets harder and harder to get high. That usually causes them to increase the dosage to dangerous levels. They are then at high risk for an overdose death when this occurs.

Your life is valuable, and you can get it back with our support and guidance. Lakeview Health’s drug treatment and detox facility is close to Tampa and will provide you with the tools necessary to live a fulfilling life free of drugs.

You will be evaluated when you enter our facility. If you are physically addicted to drugs, the next step will be to enter our detox center. Drug detox on average takes 6–7 days, and while that might sound frightening, you will have a team of our experienced professionals by your side the entire time. Our team will manage your symptoms so you can get clean as comfortably as possible and in a peaceful setting.

While you are in detox, our members will create a treatment plan that is designed just for your success. Once you have completed your detox, you will graduate to our inpatient drug rehab center. This is where you will learn the valuable tools necessary to thrive in the real world without the burden of drug dependency.

What’s Next? Moving on After Inpatient Treatment

Our drug treatment center, near Tampa, FL, encourages you to stay clean and sober for the long run. After you leave our inpatient facility, you can move to our intensive outpatient rehab program if necessary. If we determine you don’t require intensive outpatient rehab, we will enroll you into our aftercare program. This particular program is designed to help you overcome the obstacles you face in the real world.

When you choose Lakeview Health, you are never alone. We will be there for you long after you leave rehab and always available for your assistance any time in the future.

Why wait? Call us now at 904.677.5010, and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about our rehab campus and treatment services.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

If you have mental health and a substance use disorder, you might think the two issues need to be treated separately. In reality, it’s best to treat the conditions simultaneously so you can achieve an ideal outcome of long term recovery success. Lakeview Health has an innovative and effective approach to treating co-occurring conditions.

Many of our patients benefit from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS therapy. The FDA has approved this method to treat depression, and it’s used when patients haven’t responded well to other treatment methods. This method stimulates underactive parts of the brain; helping patients break free from depression.

If you believe you may or have received a dual diagnosis, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Gender-Responsive Treatment at Our Facility

Our specialized team of providers wants the best outcome for all of our patients. That is why we utilize gender-responsive treatment. While some Tampa drug rehab centers lump all their patients together, we have determined that gender-responsive treatment receives higher success rates of recovery. Lakeview Health offers a men’s rehab center (The Star for Men) and women’s rehab center (The Rose for Women).

Men and women often develop addictions, seek help, and respond to treatment for gender-specific reasons. By employing gender-responsive treatment services, we address those reasons and help create an environment for men and women to free themselves from addiction permanently.

Call us now at 904.677.5010 to learn more about the gender-specific treatment provided by our Lakeview Health facility. We can explain why this is the best method for treating men and women and answer any questions you regarding it.

Is Your Loved One Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol?

If your loved one suffers from substance abuse, you may have many emotions that you can’t quite get under control. You could be frightened about the health and well-being of your loved one, but you may also angry. You might even be confused about how this happens and what you should do moving forward to assist them.

It’s perfectly normal to have lots of these emotions, but it’s crucial that you understand them as well. Find a support group that can help you sort through your feelings of anger or hopelessness. At the same time, set boundaries to protect your well-being. Don’t let your loved one come into your home while under the influence of a substance. Be sure to not enable them by giving him or her money, a ride, or other means to use.

Most importantly, help your loved one get into rehab near Tampa, FL. He or she may feel lost to their addiction, but you can get your loved one back on track and with a renewed outlook on life and their future with the help of treatment.

To learn more information about the Lakeview Health drug and alcohol recovery programs for families and loved ones, please click here.

Drug and Alcohol Hotlines in Florida

If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, here is a list of resources that can help. Get immediate assistance by calling one of these numbers.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline

National Drug Helpline Opiate Hotline

While these hotlines provide help over the phone, you can get in-person help at Lakeview Health. Our treatment center will provide you with the one-on-one care you need to move past your addiction. Simply give us a call right now at 904.677.5010, and we look forward to serving you.

Mental Health Hotlines in Florida

Mental health issues can quickly turn into emergencies. If you need immediate assistance, call one of the following numbers:

211 Tampa Bay Cares Suicide Lifeline

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

National Alliance of Mental Illness Helpline

You can also seek help from our treatment center near Tampa, Florida. Our team of specialists treats co-occurring conditions. If you have a dual diagnosis or are concerned that you have mental health issues, contact us immediately.

Hotlines for Families in Florida

If you have a child or loved one that suffers from substance abuse, you need help. Seek out a support system so that you can take care of yourself during this time.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Al-Anon District 8 Hillsborough County

Florida Region Nar-Anon

Free Yourself from Drugs and Alcohol

Did you know that you can enjoy life fully without drugs or alcohol? You can have fun going out with friends and family, and even appreciate peace and happiness in alone time once again. If you want to get your life back, take the first step by contacting Lakeview Health.

We will help you unlock your inner power and say goodbye to drugs and alcohol once and for all. Our long-term success rates show that our staff and beautiful facility provide the ideal tools needed for the success of or our patients.

Call us today at 904.677.5010 to learn more about how we can help you. Don’t wait another day to get the help you need. We look forward to your call and stand ready to assist your successful recovery.

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