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Genuine recovery involves more than healing the body

The ravages of drug and alcohol addiction often take a physical toll on the body. Addiction specialists have known for decades that substance use disorder is a disease that affects the chemical structure of the brain, and the adverse effects of addiction – withdrawal symptoms, physical deterioration – are most noticeable on the outside.

Genuine recovery involves more than healing the body and coping with the adverse physical effects of the disease that can lead to a rehab program. Healing from substance use disorder is different for each person, but for the great majority of individuals struggling with addiction, a faith-based framework for recovery can be a highly effective way not only of getting sober but also of avoiding relapse.

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The importance of faith-based addiction recovery

Battling addiction is a difficult journey, and people of faith often have added religious obstacles to overcome. In many cases, for example, it might be more difficult for them to reach out for help because they feel that their addiction is a moral and spiritual failure or that they should be strong enough to overcome their addictive behaviors on their own. In others, they may feel that their family or spiritual community will judge them negatively. Individuals of faith are also likely to wrestle with the fact that their inability to stop using drugs or alcohol is a sin.

In such cases, it is important that they find a recovery program that addresses these concerns. In an addiction treatment center, individuals working to reconcile their faith and their struggle with addiction can work with professionals who can offer a helpful perspective.

A faith-based addiction specialty group like Lakeview Health’s is designed to provide the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual support tools that patients need to help achieve sobriety and maintain their long-term recovery goals.

Faith-based addiction treatment at Lakeview Health
Lakeview’s holistic, comprehensive approach to care is focused on treating the whole person

At Lakeview Health, we make a point of providing our patients with individualized, evidence-based clinical therapies and treatment modalities while also allowing them the option of engaging in a non-denominational, faith-based track during their treatment.

Lakeview’s holistic, comprehensive approach to care is focused on treating the whole person. Our dedicated spiritual resources and activities in treatment enable our patients to experience fellowship with others who have chosen the support of a faith-based path in recovery.

Our faith-based offerings feature:

If you or someone close to you would benefit from a rehab program that provides equal emphasis on the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of healing from drug and alcohol addiction, our faith-based addiction recovery might be right for you.

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Faith Based Recovery Program

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Our faith-based addiction specialty group can help religious people

Millions of Americans battle substance use disorder every day. And it is important to remember that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. At Lakeview Health, we’re here to help those who want to grow in their faith as they heal.

Our faith-based addiction specialty group can help religious people strengthen their relationship with a higher power as they overcome their addiction issues. To learn more, contact Lakeview Health online today or call us at 904 531 3505.

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