Stress management
At Lakeview Health, we know that individuals struggling with addiction are always coping with several sources of stress.

In fact, stress management is, in many cases, as difficult to handle than many of the other aspects of treatment. And some of our patients find it the most challenging aspect of their recovery. This is in part because so many sources of stress are involved in the recovery process. In addition to the craving and triggers that anyone battling addiction will encounter, many external sources of stress can accompany recovery. By establishing an effective stress management plan through addiction therapy services, you can tackle these issues head-on. And although no treatment plan is foolproof, at Lakeview Health we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

Do I need a stress management plan?
Everyone needs some degree of stress management

The extent to which you need stress management depends upon your circumstances. And although some people in recovery deal with the stress of overcoming their dependence differently, everyone needs some degree of stress management. Once you have moved past the stressors associated with your physical addiction, there are also social and emotional stressors to consider. These most often include:

And these stressors can have severe psychological and physical effects. These include physical effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as shortness of breath. But they also include psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma. Because the above stressors are virtually universal, as you continue on the road to recovery, the Lakeview Health team always recommends some formal course of stress management as part of our trauma-informed care model.

What does a stress management plan look like?
Every plan is tailored for each individual

At Lakeview Health, we know very well that every patient is different. And this is why we make sure to tailor every stress management plan to the individual in consultation with your counselors and other relevant parties. But some universal tips can help anyone dealing with the stress that accompanies recovery. These include:

Asking for help when you need it; so much of any stress management plan is built on having a strong support network of counselors, mentors, family, and peers. And at Lakeview, we are here to help you establish and nurture all of these relationships.

These are only a few of the approaches to stress management that we regularly utilize at Lakeview. But through these and others, we can ensure that your path to recovery is as stress-free as it can be.

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No two individuals suffering from addiction have the same experience. And yet, everyone who has suffered is connected in the sense that they experience the same need for stress management as they recover. Our counselors can help by building a plan tailored to your needs that will help you to navigate your recovery successfully. But the first step is reaching out. Contact Lakeview Health today online, or by reaching out to us at 904 677 5010. Free yourself from drugs and alcohol today.

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