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Long-term exposure to alcohol and drugs has serious consequences for your body, brain, and emotional health. While you’re actively drinking or using, alcohol and drugs slowly damage your internal organs, alter your brain chemistry, and mask co-occurring mental health disorders. When you choose to enter our Florida dual diagnosis rehab, you’re making a choice involving more than stopping your addictive behaviors and learning to live without intoxicants. Our mental health treatment center will help you uncover physical and emotional imbalances and provide medical and clinical support to help you healthily address these mental health disorders alongside your addiction.

Patient Assignments While at Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Florida

Lakeview Health has full-time, fully licensed medical professionals on-site to manage medication, monitor detox, and oversee all recovery activities. This is just one of the things that set us apart from other addiction treatment facilities. Our teams across all our programs are deeply committed to not just helping patients overcome their substance use disorder but to achieve positive mental health as well. We understand that mental health and physical health are entwined and reinforce one another.

Full Support Across the Continuum of Care


Our medical and clinical staff is involved in all levels of your treatment, from intake to discharge. We closely monitor withdrawal symptoms during the medical detox process and use medication as needed to help relieve the discomfort you may experience as your body and brain react to the absence of alcohol and drugs. We design your recovery plan around co-occurring disorders and/or physical issues arising during any phase of mental health and psychiatric treatment in Florida. Neuropsychological testing allows us to identify and treat almost any addiction-related medical or psychiatric problem you encounter during your stay with us.

On-Site Medical and Psychiatric Services


The medical team is an integral part of our team of difference makers and is a consistent part of your recovery journey. At Lakeview Health, you won’t have to wait for an appointment to adjust medication or jump through hoops to see a physician – our medical staff meets with each patient on a daily basis through the detox process, and at least once per week during treatment. As experts in addiction and recovery, they are trained in the latest therapeutic techniques and methods. Our team is your team, ready when you need them.

Medical Treatment for Addiction-Related Physical Conditions


A substance use disorder also can bring on serious medical issues. We provide top-tier medical care to address chronic diseases often accompanying addiction, such as:

Trained physicians and nurses understand your medical needs. We monitor your physical conditions, manage your medications, and coordinate with your previous primary care providers and specialists to ensure there are no lapses in your medical treatment while you’re in rehab.

Psychiatric Treatment for Mental Health Disorders


Lakeview Health provides a dual diagnosis treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. Dual diagnosis treatment is the approach used when individuals are simultaneously struggling with a mental health issue and a substance use disorder. 

It’s common for addiction to put people at a higher risk of developing a mental health condition like depression or anxiety. When this occurs, the mental health condition can reinforce substance abuse deepening a person’s dependency. It is also common for individuals to be unaware they are struggling with a mental health issue. Yet they understand they are in mental or emotional pain, so they turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. This approach leads to two dangerous outcomes. First, it vastly increases the risk of developing a substance use disorder or addiction, and second, it does nothing to address the underlying mental health condition, allowing it to worsen.

When people struggle with both a substance use disorder and a mental health concern, they are diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. Through dual diagnosis treatment, individuals get treatment for both conditions at the same time. Here at Lakeview Health, our medical team is qualified to address mental health issues common in people struggling with alcohol and drug use disorders.

Our multidisciplinary staff collaborates to integrate all aspects of your treatment into a seamless whole best serving your specific set of emotional challenges. Our therapeutic options are designed to give each patient access to the treatments they need to not just address their issues but help them achieve their goals in sobriety.

Individualized Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs


At Lakeview Health, we understand that each person’s road to recovery will be unique. No two people experience addiction in the same way. Therefore, a truly useful addiction treatment program will customize its care to meet the needs of each patient. To do so, our facility offers a wide range of therapies. Patients can move between different therapeutic programs or use them in conjunction with each other. Working alongside our counselors and therapist, we work with clients to develop a treatment plan that identifies their goals, articulates clear benchmarks, and is able to be revised based on the individual’s progress.

In this way, each client gets the most out of treatment ensuring their physical and mental needs are met as they heal from addiction. Some of the therapy programs we provide include:

At Lakeview Health, we understand that addiction can arise out of underlying mental health issues or deep-seated psychological experiences that patients may not even be aware of. Similarly, when someone struggles with a substance use disorder, they are at a far greater risk of developing a mental health disorder. Finding the right mental health treatment center that understands this relationship, like Lakeview Health does, is vital in healing.

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Our mental health treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, can change your life. Addiction routinely impacts a person’s mental health and, similarly, mental health issues lead many individuals into substance abuse in an attempt to find relief.

For individuals to heal from the disease of addiction, they not only need to address the physical symptoms of the disease but the psychological as well. Substance use disorder can arise because a person is self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to manage an underlying mental health issue they are unaware they are struggling with. Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental health issues in the country. Every year these conditions affect millions of people. Of those experiencing depression or anxiety disorders, many will turn to drugs or alcohol to find relief.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t resolve the issue and routinely puts the person at far greater risk of developing an addiction. When this happens, individuals are said to have a co-occurring disorder requiring dual diagnosis treatment. At Lakeview Health, we offer a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program that can help individuals struggling with addiction and any of the following:

With our help, clients get the simultaneous treatment they need for any of these mental health issues and the substance use disorder they are struggling with. By addressing the mental and physical aspects of the disease of addiction, individuals can fully heal and make a lasting recovery.

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