Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

People choose to come to Lakeview because they are suffering from drug or alcohol dependence. But many of them are also dealing with other psychological and medical problems. Depression and anxiety disorders are common among addicts, and many are dealing with multiple physical health issues as well. Such problems are known as co-occurring disorders.

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Co-occurring disorders are the norm, not the exception. Studies show that at least half the people suffering from substance abuse also have other psychological problems, and clinical experience suggests this percentage may be much higher. Women are more than 1.5 times as likely to be dealing with co-occurring disorders than men. When measured against multiple baseline indicators, patients with co-occurring disorders enter treatment with greater levels of impairment.

Despite the frequency of co-occurring disorders, many treatment centers do not have a staff with expertise in all three areas of mental health, substance abuse, and physical medicine. Such integrated treatment is crucial to recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders at Lakeview Health

The treatment team at Lakeview Health comprises psychological counselors and a medical staff that are trained to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders that accompany addiction. Because we have our own on-site detox facility, patients are under the care of both medical and clinical health providers from the moment they enter our facility. This integrated care contributes both to recovery and to the overall health of the patient.

Diagnosing co-occurring disorders takes both knowledge and experience. In the early stages of detox, determining whether problems like anxiety or depression are pre-existing conditions separate from substance abuse or are symptoms caused by drug and alcohol use. Some co-occurring disorders can be recognized immediately, while others can only be diagnosed once the patient has completed detox and is free of their drug of choice. Because our integrated medical and clinical teams work together throughout a patient’s treatment, the chances of identifying co-occurring problems are greatly increased.

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