Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

People choose Lakeview Health because they are suffering from drug or alcohol dependence, but many also deal with other psychological and medical problems. Depression and anxiety disorders are common among those struggling with addiction, and there could be multiple physical health issues as well. Such problems are known as co-occurring disorders.

Co-occurring disorders often accompany a substance use disorder. According to the 2017 SAMSHA  National Report, it is estimated that 8.5 million people struggle with a substance use disorder and mental health issue. Knowing there is a high frequency of co-occurring disorders, our treatment centers have staff with expertise in mental health, substance use, and physical medicine – all three are part of the integrated treatment model crucial to recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders at Lakeview Health

The treatment team at Lakeview Health comprises psychological counselors and a medical staff trained to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders accompanying addiction. During the admissions process, we’ll ask you to complete a battery of assessments. Psychological testing is incorporated in these assessments. Understanding a more complete picture of what you are struggling with from the start helps staff create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. This integrated care contributes both to recovery and your overall health.

Diagnosing co-occurring disorders takes both knowledge and experience. Some co-occurring disorders are recognized immediately, while others can only be diagnosed once we learn more about you and your history. Because of our integrated medical and clinical teams work together throughout your treatment, the chances of identifying co-occurring problems are greatly increased.

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