Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

girl standing by window looks at smartphone looking for a cocaine addiction treatment centerCocaine addiction is a big problem throughout the United States, and it affects people from all types of backgrounds. In the 80s, powder cocaine was looked at as a substance that just enhanced the experience of going out and partying at bars or clubs. Crack cocaine became a big problem in more urban areas during this time. Over the years we’ve started to see how both forms of this drug can ruin lives and tear families apart.

Cocaine is a drug that’s often associated with certain types of lifestyles. This is why it’s a very hard habit to quit. Fortunately, substance abuse rehab programs can be very beneficial in helping you overcome your addiction to this drug.

Cocaine Abuse Exists with Certain Lifestyles

People who like to go out and party are typically using powder cocaine. Those who are wealthy are also using it frequently because it’s looked at as a glamorous, more exclusive drug. Cocaine is often used while out drinking because it decreases the effects of alcohol, so people feel less drunk and can stay awake longer. The issue with this is that the body needs to feel the effects of alcohol in order for a person’s body to know when he or she has had too much. Many people who suffer from fatal consequences of cocaine use are victims of alcohol poisoning. Some of the other dangers include heart failure due to the much-added stress on this vital organ.

Crack cocaine isn’t only limited to poverty-stricken people or urban areas, but the drug is more prevalent in these neighborhoods. There are many risk factors that can contribute to someone’s substance abuse struggle and addiction. One of the leading ones is a person’s environment. In an area where drugs are being sold, there’s crime and poverty in the area, which makes the chances of a person becoming addicted to a drug much higher. Some are introduced to crack cocaine as part of the lifestyle in the area, but others use the drug as a way to escape the harsh realities of their life.

Gender-Responsive Programs for Cocaine Addiction

Gender-responsive programs are crucial when it comes to drug addiction treatment. Why? Because recovery from addiction is about getting down to the causes and conditions of the person’s use. Men and women struggle with very different problems.

In a gender-responsive program, men get the support of other men who understand what they’ve been going through. Women get the same benefit from other women. This allows people to feel more comfortable and enables them to open up in a group setting and receive the support that’s there for them.

Created in the 1930s, Alcoholics Anonymous was the very first 12-step program, and the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous still guides many alcohol addiction treatment programs. Its primary philosophy was that one person with alcoholism or addiction helping another is one of the best forms of help. This evolved into many other 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous as well as Cocaine Anonymous. The more one person is able to relate to someone means the more help he or she can receive, and this is exactly what gender-responsive programs are about.

Cocaine Recovery Through Lakeview Health

You can achieve recovery from a cocaine addiction at Lakeview Health, a cocaine addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re a fully accredited facility that works with many different insurance companies. We provide men and women with high-quality polysubstance addiction treatment to help them regain control of their life. If you’d like more information about how we can help you or a loved one recover from active addiction, call us today at 866.704.7692.