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african american male pours a pill from a prescription bottle into his hand and thinks about needing an ambien addiction treatment center One of the most difficult types of addictions to overcome is prescription drug addiction. Although these medications may be prescribed by doctors, they can become highly addictive and dangerous. Each year, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than heroin and cocaine overdoses combined. These medications can be fatal because they depress the nervous system. An Ambien addiction is one of the most dangerous, and individuals struggling with Ambien addiction often require the help of a substance abuse rehab to safely detox and begin recovery.

How an Ambien Abuse Progresses To Addiction

Ambien is used to help those who suffer from insomnia, but many people become addicted to it. When people go to the doctor and state they have difficulties falling asleep or waking up throughout the night, Ambien is a common medication that’s prescribed. The medication helps put individuals to sleep and helps them stay asleep, but they can become addicted to the medication, and it starts with the abuse of the drug. Abuse happens when people begin taking the medication in a way other than what’s prescribed. They may begin taking the medication during the daytime to get high or to sleep during the day.

There are many checks that doctors and pharmacies do to try to prevent situations like Ambien addiction. However, those who develop a dependency often find ways of cheating the system. Some people may begin doctor shopping because they can no longer get refills from a specific doctor, or they may purchase the drug illegally. It’s common for people who suffer from depression to abuse the medication as well, which then becomes an issue where they’ll need mental health treatment along with their addiction.

Ambien Addiction Treatment Program Jacksonville, FL

Prescription drug addiction treatment is the best way to overcome an Ambien addiction. For those who became addicted to Ambien due to issues with sleep, addiction treatment will help you find new ways of dealing with this problem. Recovery from addiction isn’t about forgetting the original problem. It’s about finding new solutions that don’t involve addictive substances like Ambien. You may be prescribed new medications like Trazodone. This is a non-narcotic medication that’s used to help people with sleeping disorders. There are a variety of holistic methods as well.

Holistic remedies for sleep can be very beneficial because some people can abuse new medications even if they’re non-narcotics. An Ambien addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida will teach you the power of meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition. You’ll be taught a variety of ways to deal with your sleeping disorder that doesn’t involve any type of medication. This may be difficult at first. However, over time you’ll see how you can have a peaceful night’s sleep without the use of medications.

Individual and Group Therapy

There are also those who have become addicted to Ambien for other issues that don’t involve sleep. Through individual and group addiction therapy services, you’ll discover the causes and conditions of why you turned to abuse this medication in the first place. As you begin to heal, you’ll see that there are better ways to deal with triggers. You don’t need to turn to medications like Ambien to try to resolve your issues.

Individual therapy is crucial because many people benefit from dual diagnosis treatment, which treats a combination of mental illness and addiction. This must be treated separately, so the therapist will help uncover if you’re also dealing with issues involving symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD.

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