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Naples, Florida, is a dream come true for many people. The high-end shopping and beautiful golf courses entertain tourists and residents alike, and the Naples Pier is always filled with people fishing or trying to spot dolphins. This city is also known for its sugar-sand beaches and picture-perfect scenery.

If you are suffering from addiction, shopping, golfing, and dolphin-spotting are likely not high on your list of importance, though. Your substance of choice consumes you, and every decision you make seems to revolve around your addiction. It is an exhausting way to live, and you honestly do not know how much longer you can go on like this.

You can live a fulfilled life without your drug of choice, but first, you need to get help. Lakeview Health offers drug and alcohol detox and treatment for Naples residents. If you are ready to get your life back, call 904.677.5010 to speak to one of our rehab admissions specialists in Jacksonville today.

Alcohol Abuse in Naples, FL

Alcohol abuse is a cause for concern in Florida, and Collier County has been hit exceptionally hard. According to Naples substance abuse statistics, 15 percent of Florida adults engage in heavy or binge drinking, according to the 2010 Florida Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Compare that to 19.2 of Collier County residents, and it is easy to see how serious this issue is.

This has led to a large number of alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths. An average of 54 Collier County residents die each year in a motor vehicle accident, twenty-five percent of those crashes are caused by alcohol use.

No one sets out to become an alcoholic, but it happens at an alarming rate in Collier County. If your drinking has moved from fun to troublesome, seek help before you become yet another statistic.

Alcohol Detox and Treatment in Florida

If you are one of the numerous Floridians with an alcohol abuse disorder, you might need to begin your journey in detox. Your body and brain can become addicted to alcohol when you use it over an extended period, and if you suddenly stop drinking, your body will fight back. Without medical intervention, you will experience a wide range of symptoms that include hallucinations and, in the most serious cases, death.

These uncomfortable symptoms cause many people to start drinking again. That is why medically supervised detox is so necessary. Your treatment team will use medication and other forms of therapy to help you handle the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal.

You will be evaluated by your medical team to determine which medications you need. Benzothiazines are commonly prescribed to alleviate anxiety, while naltrexone reduces cravings so you can focus on sobriety. There are other medications available, as well.

After you are stabilized, the detox team will help you prepare for treatment. Lakeview Health uses Gender-Specific Treatment to help patients. This treatment protocol allows our professionals to address your specific needs. Plans are customized for patients and typically include individual and group therapy and activities like yoga to help you center your thoughts. We also have an aftercare program you can use when you leave our facility.

Do you suffer from alcohol addiction? Get the help you need by calling 904.677.5010. Our admissions specialists are available 24/7 and ready to answer any questions that you have.

Drug Abuse in Collier County

Florida’s opioid crisis has long made national news. The state gained a reputation for its lax prescribing laws, and although law enforcement has cracked down on the issue, opioid-related deaths continue to be a problem.

In 2017, 3,245 Floridians died from overdoses that included opioids. That is 16.3 opioid-related deaths per 100,000 people. The national average is 14.6 deaths per 100,000 people, so the problem is apparent.

Naples has not been hit as hard as other regions in Florida, but it is far from immune and deaths are on the rise. This is primarily due to fentanyl. Dealers are mixing street drugs with fentanyl, making the drugs much more potent and dangerous.

Drugs mixed with fentanyl are also a cause for concern in Collier County. Collier County is referred to as a “high-intensity drug trafficking area” since large quantities of drugs come in from Colombia and the Caribbean Islands. While the area sees an assortment of drugs, cocaine is one of the most popular, and it is often laced with fentanyl. That makes it even more dangerous.

Drug dealers often add fentanyl to cocaine intentionally to make it more profitable. It also may be done accidentally when dealers use the same equipment to cut the drugs. The addition of fentanyl has caused cocaine-related deaths to more than double in Florida.

If you are addicted to opioids or cocaine, you never know what your next high might bring. You could end up another statistic in the state of Florida. It is essential to seek treatment so that you and your loved ones do not have to live with the worry of a possible overdose.

Drug Detox and Treatment in Florida

If you have a drug abuse problem, you will likely begin your journey in our detox center. The treatment center is staffed 24 hours a day, so you will never be alone.

Our treatment team is trained to alleviate your physical and emotional symptoms as your body eliminates the substances from your system. Physicians have an assortment of medications on hand to use to treat symptoms, and counselors will help you navigate the emotions that you feel.

There are two goals of detox. First, the team at Lakeview Health wants to help you eliminate the drugs from your system as safely and comfortably as possible.

Second, the team wants to prepare you for treatment. A counselor will talk to you about your transition to treatment after you stabilize in rehab. This will help you know what to expect as you take the next step.

When you move to treatment, you will be amazed by how beautiful Lakeview Health’s facility is. This state-of-the-art treatment facility was designed to keep you comfortable and engaged while you learn how to live without substances. A gym, recreation area, swimming pool, and common areas will allow you to relax and bond with others, while the comfortable treatment areas are perfect for exploring your issues in a safe setting.

You will also be pleased with Lakeview Health’s approach to treatment. We understand that men and women develop addictions and respond to treatment differently, so we use Gender-Specific Treatment for all our patients. This method is based on science and has proven results.

As you near the end of our inpatient treatment programs, our staff will prepare you for the outside world. You will receive tools and resources that you can rely on, and you will also get information about the aftercare program. We recommend that our patients continue with aftercare so they can process the issues they experience at work and at home. This makes it easier for them to leave drugs behind.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Florida

If you are dealing with substance abuse and mental health disorder, you are far from alone. Researchers have found a strong correlation between substance abuse and mental health disorders, and they agree that it is vital to treat both at the same time.

Lakeview Health offers treatment for co-occurring conditions. The team will create a treatment plan to address your mental health and substance abuse needs. Plans often include individual and group therapy, along with medication to treat the mental illness.

Many of our dual diagnosis patients also have family issues that they need to work through. Some have isolated themselves due to their conditions, while others have become frustrated that their family members do not understand what they are going through. Lakeview Health offers family sessions for those who need them. During these phone sessions, a therapist will help you reconnect with your family. Your family will learn more about your condition and what is needed for your long-term success. These sessions are very beneficial and can strengthen your family unit. This is critical since a strong-family unit will provide you with much-needed support after you leave the facility.

Substance Abuse Hotlines

Collier 2-1-1
Dial 211 from your phone
Naples Area Intergroup – Alcoholics Anonymous
Sunset Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Mental Health Hotlines

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Military Crisis Line
Family Hotlines

Families Anonymous
Naples Area Intergroup – Al-Anon
Get Your Life Back with Lakeview Health

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you hardly have time for anything else in your life. You lose relationships. You lose time and money. You might even lose your life.

You have so much to lose with addiction and so much to gain if you stop. You can rebuild relationships and find joy in the little things again. This is very difficult to do on your own, but you can accomplish it with Lakeview Heath.

If you are sick and tired of losing everything to addiction, call 904.677.5010 to learn more about how we can help you.

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